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Blast from the past

November 15, 2006

Week of Nov. 12, 1956

Have you ever wondered what you would save in a year's time if you cashed in all the grocery, soap and other types of coupons you receive in packages and through the mail?

Well, by talking to a checker in one of our supermarkets, we found out that one of the store's customers who uses coupons regularly told her that he kept an accurate check all during 1955 and that the coupons amounted to exactly $15.

The prices of bread and rolls of at least one large bakery serving Hagerstown trade will be increased on Monday, it was announced today.

Bread prices will be raised one and one half cents per loaf, while the price of rolls will be advanced two cents per package. The official of the baking company said that increased costs to the bakery necessitated the boost in prices. Bread prices have remained constant since October 1953 whereas costs have risen, he said.


Mrs. T.C. Herbst of near Chewsville never gave her own cake a thought when she bought a chance on a cake at the Homemakers' bazaar at the Masonic Temple the other day.

You guessed it, she won her own delicious coconut cake, but like the true club member she is, she immediately gave it back to be sold. Considering that Mrs. Herbst's reputation as a cake baker is second to none in the county, her cake found ready buyers that more than doubled her contribution to the event.

Week of Nov. 12, 1981

All this litigation on the national level over video cassette recorders and their legal operation has caused some persons to ask the question: How many of the things are in use in Washington County?

There's no way to determine with accuracy the quantity, but there is no doubt that the devices are gaining in popularity around here. By the middle of this year, one large local store's sales had passed the 80 point. Another local store, part of a national chain, sold all available VCRs on the second day of its sale on a new model and were unable to obtain more.

Mack Trucks will rebound from its present marketing slump stronger than ever, predicts Joseph P. Rossetti Sr., vice president of sales for the truck manufacturing company.

Rossetti said Mack experienced a similar marketing slowdown back in 1974 and 1975. "It took us three years to recover from that recession," he recalled.

The question of "joint custody" arose in the District Court trial of four young men charged with possession of marijuana.

Three of the men - all occupants of a vehicle where marijuana was found - were considered equally in the eyes of Judge J. Louis Boublitz.

"The court of appeals has ruled on joint custody," Boublitz said. "Anyone in the vehicle where evidence is found is equally involved."

- Compiled by Jean Baraclough

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