Results unchanged after absentee vote count

November 11, 2006|by ANDREW SCHOTZ

WASHINGTON COUNTY - With the majority of Washington County's absentee ballots counted, the results and order of finishes in local elections have not changed.

On Friday, the Washington County Board of Elections finished two days of opening, examining and tallying 3,498 absentee ballots. Another 115 or so ballots were disqualified and not counted.

In two key races in particular - Washington County Commissioners and Washington County Board of Education - absentee ballots have had no effect on who won.

All five commissioners seats and three seats on the school board were open in this election.

Kristin B. Aleshire, who finished fifth in the commissioners race, and William H. Staley, who was third in the school board race, padded their leads over opponents who finished behind them.


Aleshire, a Democrat, was leading Democrat Donna L. Brightman by 1,605 votes at the end of Tuesday. Out of the absentee ballots, Aleshire received 168 more votes than Brightman did, increasing his lead to 1,773.

Staley's lead over incumbent Jacqueline B. Fischer in the Board of Education race rose from 2,449 on Tuesday to 2,619 on Friday.

The results are not official yet.

The Board of Elections still has 471 provisional ballots to count on Monday, plus 25 ballots intentionally held back from the absentee count.

The board also expects to have a dozen or more absentee ballots to count Friday - those that were postmarked before Election Day, but had not arrived by Thursday - plus another 25 ballots from the first absentee count.

Including all provisional and absentee ballots, the board could have more than 500 additional ballots to count.

In the state delegate Subdistrict 2C race, incumbent Democrat John P. Donoghue increased his lead over Republican Paul Muldowney from 926 on Election Day to 1,002 with absentee ballots.

Updated vote totals are posted at

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