Two gifts for rivalry that are priceless

November 10, 2006|by BIG SYDNEY

Sorry I'm late.

I know most of you were probably looking for my manly good looks on Thursday, but I was previously occupied. I needed the day to go shopping.

I was out looking for the perfect gift for Hagerstown's golden anniversary, the 50th North-South football game. I searched high and low to find something fitting for a long-standing rivalry.

I hit the streets looking for ideas. I went into Dargan's last-second football-related gift shop - The Hail Merry - and came up short of my goal line. There wasn't anything at the clock and memorabilia store - Times of Possessions - either.


I was baffled. This was one of the toughest prognostication problems of my life.

What were the odds of finding the perfect gift for the football series that had everything over the years.

I couldn't get North anything pertaining to travel, because the Hubs already had Rideouts and Miles going to and from School Stadium all these years.

I couldn't pick up anything dealing with luck and games of chance for South. It already had a Roulette on the table and a couple of Markers.

There wasn't going to be anything religious for the Hubs. They already had a full compliment of Crosses.

And there couldn't be anything nautical for the Rebels. They had a full boat of Hulls over the years.

Neither team needed anything with alcohol to celebrate the occasion. There was a Brewer at South and some Beers at North over the years.

North has some geneology in its past, since it has had a Branch or two in the family tree.

South has found its direction in this series with a West while also turning Wright and had some fun and games by using a Frisby.

The Hubs can boast about some capital from Gaines and have had a few victories because they know what it's like to feel Fuller.

For a few years at South, Price was no object because the best things in life were Freeman. The Rebels also had a Petry dish out some experiments on the gridiron, without leaving any Stains or costing only a Shilling.

There have been blowouts, close games, last-second thrillers, fantastic finishes over the years, leaving the two teams at 24-24-1 over all these years.

So, with a little imagination, I came up with two gifts for the city's grand ol' game.

First, it might sound Callas, but a new venue to play in when the 51st game is played next year.

And, oh yeah, maybe something even more symbolic.

A new record book to throw out when they meet again.

On with the predictions. Last week: 13-7 (.650); Season 150-49 (.754).



Williamsport 6, Clear Spring 5: Wildcats add flavor to the snap of the ball with Minella scream.

North Hagerstown 31, South Hagerstown 16: Hubs always know when a South receiver is in the area because of the sound of Ricketts.

Boonsboro 27, Smithsburg 14: Warriors' defense puts Leopards in a tough spot.

Kent County 37, Hancock 20: Panthers reach the end of the Trail.

Susquehannock 17, Greencastle 13: It's not a real Susquehannock-knock joke because the Blue Devils already know who's there.


Martinsburg 35, Brooke 20: Bulldogs pull out all the stops in the playoffs and just go for Brooke.



Maryland 23, Miami 21: Lately the Terps have given new meaning to the ACC Always Close Calls.

West Virginia 33, Cincinnati 15: The Bearcats will pay for the Mountaineers' Cardinals sins.

Penn State 40, Temple 10: If JoePa were coaching from the box, it would give the Nittany Lions a Paternoverview.

Shepherd 21, W.Va. State 6: Again, the Yellow Jackets quarterback has more blemishes than the Rams' West Virginia Conference record.



Ravens 23, Titans 13: If you combine McDonald's special sauce and hair remover, do you get McNair?

Redskins 20, Eagles 17: If the Hamburgler is caught in the act, is that known as a McNabb.

Saints 28, Steelers 20: Steelers get winded when battling against a strong Brees.

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