North-South: Reflections

November 10, 2006

The North-South annual football game rivalry through the years has been a family affair for my parents, my sisters, and myself.

My father, William, had the honor to play in the first North-South game in the fall of 1957, which very ironically ended in a 6-6 tie. Years later, I participated in the matchup during the falls of 1979 and 1980 with my Hubs being victorious both games. In the 1979 game I enjoyed playing in a very sweet upset over a heavily favored Rebel squad that featured the father-son combo of head coach and quarterback Dave Wachter and Dave Wachter Jr.

In the fall of 1983, my sister Madlyn Nutter Chaney was on the sidelines as a cheerleader during a Hubs victory. Just a few years have passed since the fall of 2003 and 2004, when my youngest sister Melissa Nutter Custer's son Jonathan Breehl played an integral part of the Hubs defense. The same defense that had two dominating victories over South, and both those victories were led by Hubs current coach Danny Cunningham and his "New Breed" crew.


My favorite memories will always be the actual games, but I also enjoyed the individual school events during the week such as the dances, the pep rallies, the bonfires, the house decorations, and other promotions. I was especially surprised when my mother, Mary, a 1960 Hub graduate, showed up at my pep rally as a participant in the senior skit mocking the senior team members. Despite my Hub ties, my wife Kelli graduated from South in 1985 and our children will eventually attend there. One day I hope to see my son, Brady, participate in the North-South game, even if he is wearing green.

Over the years I have seen many North-South games, always rooting mightly for the Hubs, but always remaining gracious to the Rebels in defeat. I am not sad about a Hubs loss because I don't think it is just a North-South game, but I believe it's a game that belongs to the entire city of Hagerstown. I know it had to be a very surreal feeling for my father when in the stands at the 2004 game he said it was 48 years ago that he played in the very first North-South game on the same exact field. Life, time, memories, and family does carry on.

- William C. Nutter
Hubs Class of 1981

North vs. South: 50 years!

Throughout the many years in area high school athletics, I have seen the Tri-State Athletic League, (three states, big school league), and the Bi-State League (two states, small school league) fold their leagues. North and South are in the Antietam Conference of the Monocacy Valley Athletic League, which consists of three conferences with twenty-two area Maryland high schools, in a three-county area. The various league changes and rescheduling of different opponents. One game has remained constant, the North-South rivalry!

I'm a veteran sports referee, officiating for the past 32 years. I have annually obtained MPSSAA certification. I have officiated North-South games in four different varsity sports. The officiating crew for this particular game always has a "rigorous challenge." I enjoyed the sportsmanship shown on both sides of the chalked lines on the gridiron. I have always enjoyed the preparation, sights, sounds, smells of the big game environment. I enjoy the music by the marching band, cheers by the cheerleaders, and fan and student turnout. I enjoy the big game intensity, with the winner-take-all mentality. I officiate for the love of sport! For some of the players (seniors), it will mark their final game in organized football. Win or lose: What an ending for a season or a career!

From the heat of August summer practice to the chilly, damp air of November, it has been a long season for many North and South teams. But no matter what the overall records, the game is always a highlight to both teams! Happy 50 ... and 50 more!

- Ling K. Louie

The North-South game marks a life changing experience for me. Forty years ago, I had my first date with the same girl, Debbie West, that I am married to today. I remember the night like yesterday. The majorettes and color guard were to have a victory party after the game for North High. Of course, South won the game that year: 1966. What was to be a victory party turned into more of a wake. We talked in quiet voices giving our condolences to some of the football players that were there. Losing to South was devastating, but in the long run it was the start of something wonderful for me. Every year we mark that date and the memories come flooding back.

- Joe Lingg

The memory I'd like to share came from the 2001 game when junior Michael Moyseenko was called in as a last minute starter at quarterback for an MIA Dom Richmond and scored the only touchdown in a 7-0 victory. Michael went on to play as a walkon at the University of Maryland for two seasons and is still assisting the team today.

- Deb and Alex Moyseenko

The North-South games and the "spirit weeks" preceding the games were memorable experiences for me while attending South High from 1968 -1972.

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