North-South Reflections

November 09, 2006

I am a 1971 South graduate. The 1970 game was preceded by a Thursday joint band practice (both North and South). A group of us (South students, mostly seniors) were sitting in the stands that afternoon watching the preparation for the game the next evening. The North band hung a big red banner from the goal post, and I was urged by my classmates to run on the field and tear it down. I decided to take them up on it.

I sprinted to the end zone, tore the banner down, and to the cheers of my classmates, ran back toward them. It was during my run back, that I realized North's drum major, Mike Wicklein, was determined to catch me. He was not happy. I continued running toward the school building, and down a hallway, with Mike on my heels. I think it was Mr. Hammond that intervened, and I was instructed to release the "stolen" banner back to Mr. Wicklein.


The next day at a student pep rally, I was awarded a poster, declaring me the student with the "best spirit", along with a bottle of green "spirit juice." I kept that bottle in our refrigerator for several years, as it eventually evaporated, though the spirit didn't. To Mike ... if you are reading this, no hard feelings!

- John H. Roney II

I was a member of South High's 1962 football team and that year's North-South game brings back vivid memories. The '62 South team, with head coach Doug Cochran and assistant Bill Maletzky, was 8-0 going into the final game of the season with North. At that time, both North and South played teams like Fort Hill, Allegany, Martinsburg and Chambersburg, which always had excellent football programs. South was coming off an 18-7 win over Fort Hill at Cumberland and we were flying high with confidence.

North was having a losing season, but as the sports writers of that era always said "you could throw out the records for this game." As usual, the stands were packed to capacity and people were standing 6 deep at the fences in the end zones.

North came ready to play and out played us for most of the game. However, South was able to hang in there for a 20-13 victory to complete the only undefeated season in school history. I was later told that our 1962 South team was ranked in the top 10 high school football teams in the country that year. Another memorable and outstanding North-South football game.

- Dwight Guyton

I was in 10th grade and (South) Coach Kellick let the JV dress for the game. We were winning and scored in the fourth quarter and a senior linebacker told me to take his place on the kickoff team. I ran down the field on the kickoff and made the tackle in open field.

- Matt McCauley
South High Class of 1992

My memories of the North-South football game are awesome. I get to see all my friends from North because I used to go to Northern Middle. I say that the North-South game is a time for friends that have been pulled apart from the school line and/or moved to reunite and see how each other are doing.

I love the North vs. South football games and I love both schools, but for now, I'm all Rebel. That's where I'm at now. But I love getting to see all my old friends. So if you are a newcomer to Hagerstown or don't go to football games, you have to go to this one. It's a lot of fun and definitely a blast.

- Amanda Sager

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