North-South: Reflections

November 08, 2006

The following are some of the responses we received from readers about their memories of the North-South football series:

I have two vivid memories about the North-South game. The first game was in 1962 when I was in elementary school and a heavily favored South, led by Phil Petry, barely edged out North 20-13 to complete an undefeated season. I saw every game that year home and away and that game was so special because that is South's only undefeated season.

The second memory was when I was a sophomore at South, which was a huge underdog and pulled the biggest upset that I could remember in the series at that time. South, led by John West, defeated the mighty Hubs to cap a 3-6-1 record. I had many friends at North who teased me all season but I got the last laugh that cold November night in 1966 as South won for the seventh consecutive year.


- Joe Wolf

I attended North Hagerstown High from September 1976 through June 1980. My first three years at North, we were defeated in football by the Rebels. I was sure we would win during my senior year. However, my parents decided to buy a house in Hancock and I was to leave North. I remained faithful to my alma mater and would always be a "Hub." So, when it came time for the 1979 North-South Game, I traveled that LONG distance of 25 miles to root for my team. It was cold, it was loud and it was one heck of a good game. I had such a good time I cheered myself right into laryngitis! I didn't mind though because the boys brought it home and North kicked South's butts!

I was so proud to go back to Hancock High the next day and walk around with a smug smile on my face because all the guys on the team there kept taunting me and saying North would lose, as always.

The real good news turned out that I eventually got to go back to North to finish out the school year with my friends and it was one of the best school years of my life.

Go Hubs!

- Tinalynn Seiler (Kline)

My fondest memory of a North-South football game was brought about by a winless junior varsity team that only scored one touchdown during the 1958 season. I was a freshman on that JV team that lost the last game of the season to North High's JVs, 36-0. The next day, the newspaper ran a story about how bleak the future of the South High football program was.

Two seasons later, I was a junior on the South varsity team that was manned by many of the same players of that dreadful JV team. Well, South High won that year's North-South game, 28-14.

I have always felt that this game was a springboard to South High's very successful seasons of 1961-62, when they went 7-2 winning both the CVAL and the Tri-State League and the 1962 team that went undefeated.

I also feel that this series of events is a tribute to the hard work and perseverance of coaches Doug Cochran, Bill Maletzky and Frank Roulette, who got that football program off the ground.

- Raymond L. Chaney
South Hagerstown High School
Class of 1962

During warmups my senior year (1987-88), I vomited through my face mask from the excitement of the game. There is so much hype in each school leading up to the day. I remember the start of the game, and the next thing I knew, everyone was running off of the field. I was just standing on the field bewildered as to what was going on, when I realized it was halftime. There was so much adrenalin running through my system, I was on the field for the entire first half and didn't remember any of it. Luckily, after checking with the coaches, I found that I had quite a few tackles and never missed a blocking assignment.

This is the type of excitement that this game brings for the players, coaches and fans from each school. It has been 18 years and I still remember like it was yesterday.

Go Rebels.

- Johnny Murray

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