North-South reflections

November 07, 2006

The following are some of the responses we received from readers about their memories of the North-South football series:

At halftime during the 1965 North-South football game when South was leading 12-0, I remember saying to Alvin Massey, who was a great linebacker on that team, and Dick Roulette, who was an outstanding fullback, that if the game ended up being 12-0, that would be a fantastic way for us to end our high school football careers.

We went on to score 27 more points in the second half and won the game 39-6. At that time, that was the most points ever scored by one team and the biggest point difference in a North-South game.

I will never forget the headline or the sports page the next morning. It said, "Rebs Maul Hubs 39-6." I still have the headline today, 41 years later.


- Don Hull, Hagerstown

I remember my dad taking me to see the first North-South game, a 6-6 tie played at Municipal Stadium. We lived in Waynesboro and my dad worked at the Old Hagerstown Bookbinding and Printing Company.

I remember talking to my buddies about what a great game it was, but now I just remember going to a football game with my dad - a wonderful memory. By the way, Dad took me to see the last Waynesboro-Hagerstown game played on Thanksgiving Day a few years before that.

- Vic Hughes, Waynesboro

I was a senior at North High in the fall of 1967. South had beaten North for seven straight North-South games. The Hubs were hungry for a win. School spirit was outstanding. During class changes we would chant "Beat South" as we walked in the halls. A contest was held to encourage the chant. One senior class member was designated the "secret person." She was keeping track of all of the people who said "beat South" to her during the day. The 68th person would win $5. I was the 68th person. The chanting got a little out of hand during my fourth period math class when the teacher marched the entire class to the office because we wouldn't stop. (On behalf of that class, I would like to apologize to Mrs. Linda Clark for our rowdiness.)

It was a great game as quarterback John Beck scored the only touchdown for a 6-0 Hub win. The happy Hub fans stormed the west end goal post in celebration as the band lined up to march down the field playing the fight song.

- Bob Hornbecker,
North High Class of 1968

I am a 1980 graduate of South High. My favorite thing about cheering for football was the North-South game. We would spend the night prior to the game at one of the cheerleaders' houses, stay up all night decorating the football team players' houses, make felt footballs for the players to wear at school on the day of the game, come to school and have a great pep rally, where one year I was given a pie in the face as a joke, then cheer at the game that night. We had a blast every year.

- Christie Wilson

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