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November 06, 2006

Recent question

The Hagerstown Aviation Museum recently brought home a C-82 "Flying Boxcar" built by Fairchild workers near the end of World War II. Now the museum is raising money to house the plane, which has a 160 1/2-foot wingspan. Where would be a good place to display the C-82?

· Place it on the west side of the driveway at the Hagerstown Regional Airport's main building, so that everyone who visits and goes past on Showalter Road can see it.

· Discovery Station.

· In a junkyard.

· (Racist remark deleted by administrator)

· There is plenty of space at the former fairgrounds ... perhaps there.

· Does anyone know what became of the old Fairchild building? Why not put it there? That way, we've truly brought it home. Oh, and I've just about had enough of these "anonymous" racists getting on here and shooting their mouths off. Take a cue from Bambi - if you can't say something nice, don't say nothin' at all.


· This is why we have freedom of speech. So we can say what we want.

· On the roof of the Discovery Station. Then all the County Commissioners could see the airplane every time they went to 100 W. Washington St. to decide how to get more revenue out of us and take more of our rights away from us.

Name another city of any size that has both a Discovery Station and a big old airplane in its downtown - Hagerstown would be the only one and people would come from miles away to marvel at our intelligence.

· In my backyard.

· Naturally, at or near the airport.

· Repeat, at a location near the airport. Eliminate the wise-guy type responses from the vote.

· Flying over the county once every couple of months

· That's obvious. The airport. Duh!

· I agree. Discovery Station is attracting people from all over and the C-82 fly-in return to Hagerstown did, too. There are a lot of people interested in our heritage and our future and not just themselves.

· I have already learned a lot at Discovery Station. I learned that admission is free for babies, $6 for ages 2-17, $7 for adults, and $5 for seniors. I also learned that admissions and sales at the gift store cover less than 15 percent of the cost of running the place. The other 85 percent comes from our taxes or from donations.

My guess is that the people who do pay to get in almost never return for a second visit. I am willing to bet that more than one half of the paying visitors are WCPS students who are happy to take advantage of any opportunity to get out of the classroom.

The Discovery Station is almost as "world class" as WCPS so no one should be surprised if the county commissioners give more of our tax money to continue to support this dying venture which cost a lot more than the benefits it delivers. "A fool and his money are soon parted." Be bold. Improve the Discovery Station by putting the big old airplane on top of it.

· At land owned by the county right by the airport, with taxiway access through the fence, and close to U.S. 11, so that it is easy to get to. There are several acres of land that the county acquired through FAA funds that can only be used for "aviation-related" uses ... this might be the biggest opportunity for a great new destination for Hagerstown and Washington County.

· The museum announced more news to come on additional donations, more displays, etc. I believe that the museum has more than seven airplanes now in its inventory at the airport. A new museum facility would be a great addition for Washington County, celebrating what was accomplished here, and educating generations to come.

· Convert it and use it as Air Force One.

This week's question

In recent months, there have been a series of unpleasant new reports about crime, the war in Iraq and political corruption at the national level. This week, let's take a break from all that, with this question: What recent news event - local or national - pleasantly surprised you or brought a smile to your face? Responses will be posted on the Web site and on this page on Monday, Nov. 13.

Editor's note: Some recent posts to this forum have been deleted by the administrator because they contained racist remarks or other objectionable language. We eliminated the requirement that people must register to post to encourage a free discussion of the questions asked. If the objectionable posts continue, we will have to reinstate the registration requirement. Thank you.

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