Fitness center, for men only, opens in Waynesboro

November 05, 2006|by KATE S. ALEXANDER

WAYNESBORO, Pa. - "I have one word for you - intense," Steve Smith said.

Standing in his workout clothes and leaning on a weight machine, Smith was pumped from having completed his 30-minute workout at the new Cuts Fitness for Men on Washington Township Boulevard in Waynesboro.

"Your heart rate is up, and fresh blood is flowing. It's a great feeling," he said.

Smith is one of about 30 men who have discovered the new Cuts Fitness for Men, which celebrated its grand opening on Saturday.

Owned by lifelong athlete Bengie Biggus and his wife, Angie, the franchise fitness center employs the same concepts as Curves for Women.


Bengie Biggus said John Gennaro, who started Cuts in 2003 in Clark, N.J., studied what Curves did right, and created a similar concept for men.

The entire workout takes only 30 minutes.

"Hence, the slogan - 'The 30 minute circuit training workout,'" Bengie Biggus said.

Angie Biggus, who also is a full-time teacher in Frederick County, Md., said that the workout is a circuit that is completed three times.

"You have about 40 seconds at each station, and they alternate cardio, upper body, lower body," she said.

For Bengie Biggus and his wife, the last few months have been a journey that began when he saw a commercial for Cuts.

"I researched Cuts to see if there was one in the area that I could join," the 48-year old said. "I just wanted to get more energy to spend time with my kids."

After looking into joining, Bengie Biggus got the idea from Angie of starting a franchise in Waynesboro.

"She said I could be my own boss," he said. "I thought, 'No, not me.'"

They opened Cuts on Sept. 19, and said that since then, people have responded. Chris Breed, physical trainer for Cuts, said the response came because there was a need.

"Just walk into Wal-Mart, and you will see how badly we need this place," Breed said.

Even Bengie Biggus was in need of Cuts. Explaining that he was overweight and out of shape, he decided to wait, walk in the door on Sept. 19 and start like anyone else.

"I wanted them to see me and think, 'He is just like us,'" he said.

Bengie Biggus and Breed said Cuts is about getting to know the men and working with them one-on-one.

"We know everyone's name and face," Breed said. "We make sure of it."

While the place is called Cuts Fitness for Men, Angie Biggus said women can join, too.

"We do not discriminate," she said, adding she would recommend Curves or the YMCA to women. If they still are set on joining Cuts, they are welcome.

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