Wise Guys pregnancy prevention program to be offered

November 02, 2006

Spencer Long, a national trainer from the Family Life Council in Greensboro, N.C., will be in Hagerstown today and Friday from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. to present the Wise Guys Male Responsibility Curriculum.

Wise Guys is an adolescent pregnancy prevention program designed to promote sexual responsibility in boys ages 11 to 17.

The training will be at the Mason-Dixon Council office of Boy Scouts of America at 18600 Crestwood Drive.

The Washington County Teen Pregnancy Prevention Task Force, Washington County Health Department, and Washington County Community Partnership for Children and Families are funding the training to combat the high teen birth rate.

Washington County has the fourth-highest teen birth rate in Maryland. Wise Guys is one of the task force strategies to make a positive difference for the future of the community's youth.

The curriculum has an instructors' curriculum, and is designed to measure changes in three major areas - knowledge, attitude and behavior.


Knowledge items include reproductive anatomy, pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases and contraception.

Attitude items include expectations for male adolescent sexual activity, respect for women and dating violence.

Behavior items measure delay of onset of sexual activity (abstinence), increases in communication with parents or guardians about sexuality, and increases in communication with school staff about sexuality.

For information, call Carrol Lourie, task force consultant, at 301-739-8200, ext. 6, or 240-818-7555.

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