Memorable costumes past and present

October 31, 2006

Members of the Pulse writing team join other students from the area to tell about great and not-so-great moments in their Halloween celebrations.

Elina Mir, 12, St. Mary School

I am going to be a female version of Harry Potter this Halloween. I know that sounds weird, but my dad picked it out. Last night, I cut up my dad's pants to make a skirt. I'll wear a skirt and rope with black glasses.

Darcy Shull, 14, North Hagerstown High School

One year, I was invited to go trick-or-treating with three friends - separately. Not wanting to disappoint any of them, I accepted, but being an exciting person, I didn't want to dress the same way for each one.

I decided to be something different for each friend. In the same evening, I got to be a fairy, a witch and a vampire. I also got enough candy to last until the next year.


Bobby Plume, sixth-grader at Western Heights Middle School

My dad and I have made several Halloween costumes, such as a robot, an arrowhead, a person with a (cardboard) knife through my chest and, my favorite, the refrigerator with a cookie jar on top.

We made the refrigerator by using a large cardboard box with an insulation covering for the body and door. We spray-painted the box all white to look like a refrigerator. The cookie jar in top - for my head - was made with insulation, red tape, and a red plastic cup for a lid. We hot-glued it all together and painted "cookies" on it. My dad and I cut holes in the cookie jar - in the O's of "cookies" - so I could see out.

Inside the refrigerator, we put empty food packages, to make it look real when you opened the door. The door handle was made of insulation wrapped in black electrical tape and glued on the door.

My friends really liked it because it was very different from any other costume in the neighborhood. It was my favorite costume because it was very creative and comfortable to wear.

Erica Colliflower, 17, home-schooled in Hagerstown

When I was little, I dressed up to go trick-or-treating. I would dress as saints I admired or wear cute outfits such as princesses.

One particular costume I remember was that of a labybug. My mom bought four pieces of red felt, sewed them together and stuffed them with newspaper. We glued black spots on the back and somehow attached all this to me. To complete my outfit, I wore a headband with antenna attached. I remember the neighbors telling me how cute I was. I had fun.

Nick Ritchick, 14, North Hagerstown High School

You know how people ask, "What is the stupidest thing you've ever done?" Well, I'm going to tell you about the stupidest Halloween costume I've ever worn. It was a graduation gown. My sister had worn it when she was graduating from high school. Unfortunately, it was so long that I almost tripped every time I walked.

Stephen Barber, 15,home-schooled in Keedysville

The costume that got the best response was when I dressed up as Adolf Hitler. I dyed my hair black and drew a moustache on my upper lip. I wore a tan trench coat and taped a swastika (printed off my computer) on my sleeve. The effect was excellent. I offended half of Keedysville.

I also met my Jewish girlfriend while wearing that costume.

Fedora Copley, 14, Saint James School

In the weeks preceding Halloween four years ago, my dad and I ripped up newspaper strips, and made glue-and-water paste. By dipping the strips into the watery glue and applying them to a cardboard frame, we made a large, sturdy moon face. After it was structurally sound, we painted it with silver and navy blue, creating an ethereal, theatrical mask. We secured it on a pole like a broomstick and attached a blue cloth.

On Halloween, I was cloaked in dark blue and held the mask high overhead. The effect was a huge moon puppet - hard to carry around but thoroughly worth the effort.

Sally Newlin, 14, North Hagerstown High School

When I was 2 or something like that, my mom bought a lot of cloth with dinosaur landscapes printed on it and made it into a dinosaur costume. She sewed it by hand.

Nell Barber, 12, Saint James School

When I was young, young enough to obsessively watch cartoons on PBS, I went for Halloween as Arthur's sister, D.W. I wore a handmade outfit consisting of white tights, a white long-sleeved shirt painted with pink stripes, and a pink dress. I made felt ears and at that age already had the D.W. haircut.

Olivia Montgomery, 14, North Hagerstown High School

The worst Halloween costume was my Cinderella outfit - not because it stunk, but the closest neighborhood was 30 minutes away. My neighborhood had two houses, so I trick-or-treated at my house. The only good thing was that I got all the candy I wanted because my mom felt bad.

Christina Reimond, 11, St. Mary School

The costume I'm going to wear this year is awesome. I'm going to be a pirate. It consists of black pants cut off on the bottom, a white button-up shirt, a black eyepatch and a plastic dagger. And I bought gold earrings that are soooooo cool.

Elizabeth Kramer, 14, North Hagerstown High School

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