Voters Guide - House of Delegates District 1C

October 30, 2006

House of Delegates District 1C

Salary: $43,500 per year

Term: Four years

The following questions were asked to the candidates for House of Delegates District 1C.

1. What do you recommend for meaningful malpractice reform?

2. What is your position on slots in Maryland?

3. Why should people vote for you?

LeRoy E. Myers Jr., 55

Clear Spring

1. This is one of the biggest issues limiting access to quality health care in Western Maryland. We need to lower the costs on doctors so that they are not run out of business. My priorities are to pass legislation to limit the portion of awards that can go toward attorney fees, to use professional juries, to lower the caps on damages for pain and suffering and to require that expert witnesses are fully qualified.


2. I am opposed to the legalization of slot machine gambling in the State of Maryland.

3. Over the last four years, I have worked hard to represent the people of Western Maryland both here and in Annapolis. I take great pride in my record of standing up for common-sense government that works. Simply put, my goal is to solve problems and get results by making government accountable to the people.

Brian K. Grim, 27

Cumberland, Md.

1. We must get a handle on the escalating cost of malpractice insurance or fear losing precious medical experts and valuable medical services in our communities. There must be a limit on damages for pain and suffering as well as in wrongful death cases. Third-party experts should also be involved in the process of determining appropriate damages to be awarded. Failure to resolve this problem will result in fewer services being provided.

2. I support slots in Maryland, but I believe the profit from gaming should stay in the communities that host slots. A community that hosts a slot venue should keep a significant portion of the profit. That way, any negative effects of gaming are balanced by increased funding that could be spent on other priorities like education. I do not support putting gaming revenue in the general fund; communities that host slots should get the benefits!

3. I have strong opinions about issues that are important to local citizens, and I believe I can make a difference. A combination of my life experiences, dedication to the community and desire to see the community improve have propelled me into running. I wish to see things improve in the district and state, and feel that my unique insight can energize that process, specifically in the areas of education, the job market and growth concerns.

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