Voters Guide - Governor of Maryland

October 30, 2006

Governor of Maryland

Salary: $170,000 per year

Term: Four years

The following questions were asked to the candidates for governor of Maryland.

1. What education and life experiences qualify you to hold the office of governor of Maryland?

2. With federal money drying up for affordable housing, should the state fill the gap? Explain.

3. How would you work with local governments to solve the crisis in public school education affecting many Maryland communities?

Robert L. Ehrlich Jr., 48, Republican (incumbent)

Running mate: Kristen Cox

1. My working-class background taught me the importance of opportunity. I have spent my career as an attorney, member of the House of Delegates and Congress serving the citizens of Maryland. My years in public service guided my administration's priorities of affordable education, quality health care and a healthy Chesapeake Bay.


2. Yes. Since 2003, I have invested more than $2.5 billion for housing and community development across Maryland. My FY2007 budget increased funding for rental housing programs to $20.8 million and helped 3,200 families become homeowners with loans amounting to $355 million under the More House 4 Less Program.

3. State and local leadership must work together to ensure our children receive a quality education. My administration's commitment is evident by the state's increased investment in grades K-12 by more than $1 billion. Further, intervention is needed where the schools are failing our children, as in Baltimore City.

Martin O'Malley, 43, Democrat

Running mate: Anthony Brown

1. As mayor of Baltimore, I have worked with the citizens of this great city to improve safety, education and create economic development. We have reduced violent crime by nearly 40 percent by bringing police and neighborhoods together and through thoughtful, intelligent policing. We instituted full-time kindergarten, and started a pre-K program ...

2. Yes. Maryland needs a strong leader who will stand up for Maryland families through affordable housing, rather than let narrow special interests harm our families. If elected, I will create a statewide affordable housing fund to support development projects that guarantee affordable housing for low and moderate-income families.

3. Maryland's local school boards need a strong state partner to provide funding, support and resources. I am committed to work to fully fund the entire Thornton Commission plan, including the Geographic Cost of Education Index, which Bob Ehrlich has refused to fund.

Source: League of Women Voters of Maryland (

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