School board candidates on the issues

October 30, 2006

Paul W. Bailey, 72, Hagerstown

· Growth. Dealing with the demands of growth and providing capacity for our students as we continue to grow in population. Wants to look at some alternative funding, and turn to the financial community to determine the best decision for those who pay taxes.

· School Security. Would like to continue to improve school security by working with local law enforcement and seeking outside funding.

· Teachers. Must emphasize retention as much as recruitment of teachers in Washington County.

Ruth Anne Callaham, 57, Hagerstown

· Choices. Should maximize choices for students, administrators, teachers and support staff.

· Classroom space. Hope is to accelerate construction of new schools and renovation of existing schools. Advocate for funding at all levels of government. Encourage private/public partnerships with business.


· Transportation. A transportation system that serves the entire county from Pleasant Valley to Hancock and all points in between.

Jacqueline B. Fischer, 60, Clear Spring

· Growth. Has been working to put together a successful mitigation plan that is transparent and fair to all developers, but also takes care of the needs being created by growth in the county. Believes developers should pay for new school construction.

· Federal No Child Left Behind legislation. Doesn't see the legislation being eliminated, but does believe some changes are needed and the government needs to fund the requirements.

· Teachers. The county must find additional ways to recruit and retain highly qualified teachers.

Wayne M. Kretzer Jr., 38, Hagerstown

· Security. Doors should be locked and anyone available should volunteer time to watch people coming in. Central office staff, teachers and administrators should wear badges in the schools.

· Fitness. Soda needs to be taken out of the schools and replaced with water and sports drinks. Bring back the middle school track and cross-country meet.

· Excellence. Need to maintain and build on excellence in education. You can always improve.

Virginia Powers, 46, Hagerstown

· Safety. Some schools in Washington County lack even basic security. Would like to see initiatives for safer schools.

· Teen pregnancy. Eliminate teen pregnancy through education. Tell kids how to avoid pregnancy if they are going to be sexually active.

· Teachers. Need to keep qualified teachers in the area. Should be an incentive program that keeps qualified teachers here.

William H. Staley, 62, Hagerstown

· Trades. Should bring back the trade programs to Washington County Technical High School. Students also should be exposed to these in middle school so they can determine if they like the trades as a possible career.

· Planning time. Should create more planning time for teachers, especially elementary school teachers. Teachers are overloaded with the amount of work they have. Work is piled on, but rarely if ever taken away.

· Money. Concerned about how the Board of Education is spending money. Creating administrative positions, but not promoting from the pool of teachers already here. This is driving teachers away.

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