Voters Guide - House of Delegates District 2C

October 30, 2006

House of Delegates District 2C

Salary: $43,500 per year

Term: Four years

The following questions were asked to the candidates for House of Delegates District 2C.

1. What do you recommend for meaningful malpractice reform?

2. What is your position on slots in Maryland?

3. Why should people vote for you?

John P. Donoghue, 49


1. I co-sponsored House Bill 2, which provided meaningful reform including "Good Samaritan" protection for health-care professionals providing care in emergency rooms. It provided significant patient safety protections and ensured proper reporting of adverse events. It provided funding for additional patient safety initiatives. It included a funding source to immediately stabilize insurance rates for physicians. The bill passed the House but was altered in the Senate. It should be reintroduced.


2. I support slots provided that the revenues benefit the citizens of Maryland. There should be regulation, and the funds should supplement areas of the state budget such as education, the Medbank prescription drug program and vital services in need of funding. A state commission modeled after the Washington County Gaming Commission could receive and review applications for funding from worthy organizations such as the Community Free Clinic and the Walnut Street Clinic.

3. It is an honor and a privilege to serve as your representative in the House of Delegates. You asked me to look out for your best interests and those of your family. You asked me to protect education, fight for affordable health care and promote public safety. I have worked to do these things - supporting common sense legislation to improve our quality of life. I hope I have gained your trust and support.

Paul Muldowney, 71


1. Change the current law so that an expert witness must have equal training and be of the same specialty, board certified, as the defendant. Currently, that is not the case. We need a "Good Samaritan" law which applies to E.R. physicians who are called upon to make quick decisions with no prior knowledge of the patient. In those cases, the physician should be held harmless for decisions he makes in good faith.

2. Maryland residents currently play slot machines in the neighboring states of Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Delaware. The lost revenue from these activities is estimated to be $650 million per year. This revenue should be captured and used for a dedicated purpose such as education and school construction. Therefore, I support slot machines at the four Maryland horse tracks with a portion of the revenue going to the horse racing industry.

3. I am a parent of seven children, I am a veteran, I have been a small businessman and a legislator. I provided health insurance to my employees when I couldn't afford it, and have experienced most of the ups and downs of life. My previous legislative experience of eight years in the Maryland House of Delegates tells me I am capable of representing the people of my district. I want to serve!

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