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October 30, 2006
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I have worked with Swartz on one of the most appreciated programs within the Washington County Recreation and Parks Departments. That program is the Summer Concert Series at Pen Mar Park. With the issues we faced at that time, Swartz worked tenaciously on our behalf; and to this day that concert series remains among the most popular.

When constituents seek Swartz' help with an issue, they will find him accessible, concerned, dedicated, relentless in his efforts to resolve whatever issue it may be - and all the while his compassion and understanding will be very evident, no matter what political party you are from. His interest is in being of service to all Washington County residents.

This limited space would not permit us to tell you how appreciative we are for all that we know that Paul Swartz has done for us and Washington County.

For the benefit of all our residents, please help us to put Paul Swartz back as our County Commissioner.


Fay and Jim Powers

Donoghue a friend to health care

To the editor:

As the only physician in the 141-member House of Delegates, I want to share a bit about Del. John Donoghue and his contribution to health care in Maryland.

Donoghue has worked tirelessly and effectively for patients, all health-care providers and medical institutions in Maryland. His accomplishments are many, but let me highlight just a few.

Donoghue's leadership in establishing and promoting MedBank has made it possible for thousands of needy citizens to get the medications they need. He worked to maintain our trauma care system, not only in Western Maryland, but throughout the state.

Donoghue helped physicians stay in practice by supporting malpractice reform, while implementing systems that improve patient safety. He also supported nurses and others who deliver care with scholarship programs and reforms in the workplace.

When tough issues are debated, I look to Donoghue for his advice, experience and perspective. He's a steady champion who can always be counted on to make sure that community values of access to care, compassion and cost-effectiveness are maintained.

Donoghue is a team player who reaches across party lines to get things done. Sometimes, the role that a legislator plays can get overlooked or lost in the flood of headlines. Del. John Donoghue is someone on whom his colleagues rely as we work to address the critical health-care challenges facing our state. It's an honor to serve with Donoghue, and I urge your readers to send him back to Annapolis.

Delegate Dan Morhaim, M.D.
11th District

Both parties have failed us

To the editor:

I am increasingly fed up with the hypocrisy of the left, and the naivet of the GOP. When are they going to realize that the Democrats treat politics as war, and war as politics. Don't we ever learn? This stupid business of the Florida Rep. Mark Foley being thrown out and/or thrown under the bus is ridiculous.

It's a shame that it happened over a little semi-phone sex in e-mails. However, when Democrat Barney Frank had a live-in lover in Washington, D.C., who was operating a prostitution business from Frank's house, nothing was done to him.

In other scandals since then, the left seems to actually celebrate deviate behavior in their party. Then we, the GOP, allow our good people to be destroyed by the dirty tricks of the left. It's time to fight back and not allow the left to hide information away, to throw at us just before an election. As usual, the left talks about a new way to do business, but never actually tells what plan they may really have.

I read widely on politics, and it's obvious that we are in what should be called the last crusade, which is precisely what the Islamists' are calling it. One of the best books on this subject is "Showdown with Nuclear Iran" by Evans and Corsi. The fictional prolog in this book is quite frightening, and makes it quite clear how easily Iran or a combination of our enemies could do it.

We didn't take note of the prelude to World War, ignored Hitler until he was well along with his plans, and George Bush senior and Bill Clinton, didn't take terrorism seriously - even after the attack on the Twin Towers in 1993, Somalia, the blowing up of the embassies, etc. The ruling Mullahs in Iran have made it abundantly clear that they plan to make the whole world a Caliphate under Sharia law.

It's quite obvious that no scientific, medical, or other advance of society has taken place since the Arab countries became controlled by Islam. Meanwhile, neither main party in the U.S. seems to take Islam seriously, nor are they willing to protect our borders from all-out uncontrolled illegal immigration.

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