Letters to the editor

October 30, 2006

Support slot-minded office seekers

To the editor:

Slot money could benefit Maryland if used properly.

Our race tracks could be saved without using taxpayer money.

It could be used to fight crime in Baltimore City and Prince George's County where many people live in fear by adding more manpower to protect them.

Our whole tax structure could be changed by reducing or eliminating certain taxes on military service retirements or sale taxes on shoes and clothing or property tax reduction.

It could be used to reduce the coming large electric increases.

These are just a few examples shown above.

Our former governor and certain individuals in our legislature like Peter Franchot, who is running for comptroller, have left millions of slot dollars slip through our fingers, which could have been used for some of the above ideas. They prefer increasing taxes.


Jacques Hager

Children's safety would be priority

To the editor:

I am anxious to respond to the recent open letter to candidates from the Safe Place Board of Directors with regard to their concerns about current candidates for office and support for their efforts to protect children and end child abuse.

I am a candidate for state's attorney for Washington County. I went to law school 21 years ago to be a career prosecutor and entered that line of work after 13 years as a criminal investigator, trained by the Maryland State Police. I have served 10 years as an assistant state's attorney and have personally handled numerous child abuse cases.

I always sought prison time for perpetrators of sexual child abuse.

I am a father of three children, two of them quite small. I am a grandfather. I like children and they usually seem to like me. I work well with child victims and have received training in proper and effective communication with little ones. As your state's attorney, nothing shall be more important to me than the protection of children and the prosecution of child abuse. Those victims often carry the damage of this crime for the rest of their lives. Many adult abusers are found to have been victims of such hideous behavior when they were young.

If elected, mine will be a familiar face at the Child Advocacy Center. I look forward to a genial and effective working relationship with everyone there.

Jerry Joyce

Democrats improved when Paul switched

To the editor:

Paul Muldowney is now a Republican. I remember him when he was a Democrat. Back in the 1970s and 1980s, Muldowney was a member of the Maryland legislature. Next he ran as a Democrat for Congress. The question one must ask is, Why did Muldowney change from a Democrat to a Republican?

Since no political party is as bad as its members, the Democratic party greatly improved when Muldowney became a Republican. If you will remember back when Muldowney was in the House of Delegates, Washington County had a majority of Democrats. Now there is a majority of Republicans in this county. Is this the reason why Paul Muldowney became a Republican?

This puzzle has occupied my mind for the past eight minutes. Did Muldowney change parties because the numbers have changed in the two parties? I have reached a different conclusion.

Muldowney changed from the Democratic party to the Republican party to save both sides of his face. Please keep in mind that Paul Muldowney is one of those people who would be enormously improved by his defeat in the next election.

James C. Haught

Hendershot has heart of a lion

To the editor:

Linn Hendershot has the heart of a lion and a mind that doesn't quit.

I have worked with Linn for 10 years and am always impressed with his grasp of new ideas and his ability to get people to work together.

And we need County Commissioners who will work together and put their personal agenda aside for the good of all the people of Washington County.

I was impressed to learn that during his term on the city council, his attendance record was better than any other council person, missing only two meetings.

We need that type of dedication from people who have the time to devote to the people's business.

William K. Beard, Jr.

Swartz: Accessible and concerned

To the editor:

How happy we are to know that Paul Swartz received the support of his party in the primary.

We could fill an entire page of The Herald-Mail with valid reasons for Washington County residents to vote for Paul Swartz.

To keep it brief, here are just a few reasons we will vote for Paul Swartz. These opinions and reasons are based on our knowledge of Paul as a genuinely good person with a wealth of experience for the job of County Commissioner.

From his previous tenure as a commissioner, added to his real compassion for his constituency, and his sincere desire to work for the betterment of Washington County and its residents, voting for Paul Swartz in our opinion is a vote well invested in the future of this county.

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