Bickering must stop, progress must start

October 28, 2006|by Linn Hendershot

Throughout the current campaign for Washington County Commissioners the candidates have received many questionnaires from a wide variety of groups in our county. All the questionnaires contain one question. What are the most critical problems facing Washington County?

We've heard all variations from the commissioner hopefuls, including managing water/sewer resources, guiding new development, promoting economic development, ensuring public safety, expanding educational opportunities, prioritizing transportation improvements, being responsible for fiscal policy, investing in revitalization, municipal/county cooperation and preserving our agricultural heritage.

How we handle growth is, without question, number one on most lists, but this and all the rest take a back seat to one other major, even more critical issue.

How can we elect five individuals who will work together the next four years to strive to solve the numerous issues that are going to determine our overall quality of life for decades to come?


Our new Washington County Board of County Commissioners will be hiring a new county administrator and a new county health officer. The new commissioners will be overseeing the debate on charter home rule, improved schools, better roads, improved health care for our citizens, senior citizen issues and of course, the question of how we manage our most precious resources, water and sewer.

If we're to make a smooth and effective transition, it's imperative that we have individuals working daily to build bridges in Annapolis to develop lasting partnerships that will help define our county's future with our Maryland State Senate and House of Delegates.

The current, in-your-face combative partisan politics that we're all sick of in Washington County, must stop. Our county is not a large wealthy county that can turn it's back on the State Senate and House of Delegation and go it alone.

There has been one Republican Maryland governor in the past 40 years. The House of Delegates and Senate are controlled by the Democrats. This is reality and for those in our community who feel they can purchase privilege in Annapolis it will only backfire, dooming our county in the future. If our county is to prosper and work through our upcoming complex challenges, we need both political parties, Republican and Democrat alike, to act more like statesmen, instead of partisan politicians serving only their special interests.

If elected as one of your County Commissioners, I pledge to you that I will work extremely hard daily to build links of communications with our county's municipalities, especially the City of Hagerstown, and of course, with the various branches of government in Annapolis and Baltimore.

I will work to bring integrity back to Washington County government. I will make myself available as much time as necessary to conduct the business of all our citizens. I will be fiscally responsible in making financial decision that impact on our taxpayers.

If you have any questions, please give me a call at 301-766-9155 or e-mail me at .

N. Linn Hendershot is a candidate for Washington County Commissioner

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