Lunch, as prepared by friends

Women lend recipes to church cookbook

Women lend recipes to church cookbook

October 22, 2006|by TIFFANY ARNOLD

MARLOWE, W.Va. - Jean McMillan said there was a bit of a risk in eating an egg dish prepared by a woman who's allergic to eggs.

But there were no complaints from the lunching ladies who ate McMillan's Sunday Brunch Casserole - a dish that requires 12 eggs.

"She may not eat eggs but she's a great cook," McMillan's friend Lucille Cole said of her between bites.

McMillan and Cole, with Cindy Russell and Ann Conner, met for an afternoon lunch at Cole's home in Marlowe. The women, who all attend Harmony United Methodist Church in Marlowe, each prepared recipes they submitted to their church cookbook, "Heavenly Delights." The $10 books will help raise money for the church, Cole said. Roughly 350 recipes were submitted by members of the congregation.

McMillan, of Marlowe, submitted her Sunday Brunch Casserole, a light combo of bacon, onions, cheese, cubed bread and, of course, eggs. Russell, who lives in Williamsport, made a cheese ball. Conner, who lives in Marlowe, made broccoli salad. Cole tackled dessert with a Heath bar cake.


Here's a sample of how lunch went with this reporter asking a few questions:

Q: What can you tell me about this cake?

Cole: I found this recipe on the back of a cake mix box, and it was so good and so rich that I wouldn't dare eat it often because I just might eat it every day. I like to experiment with cake mix. Sometimes I'll do things like add pumpkin. It makes the cake moist.

Q: And the egg casserole?

McMillan: I never (tasted) it. I do it for family. My husband really likes it. I can eat chicken, but I don't eat eggs. I just don't risk it. There are too many better things to eat.

Russell: She's such a great cook, though. She heads up free lunch at the church.

McMillan: I used to be a school cook.

Cole: There's always a good lunch. Anybody who wants to come can come. One time she even had roast turkey.

Q: Do you all cook every day?

McMillan: Well with it being (husband) Bill and I, I can sneak and make a meal last two days.

Russell: I think we all don't cook as much as we'd like to.

Conner: I know I don't cook as much as I used to.

Cole: Yeah, we do eat out a lot more.

For more recipes ...

To purchase "Heavenly Delights," please call Harmony United Methodist Church, 304-274-1719.

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