Letters to the editor

October 22, 2006

Why Terry Baker deserves your vote

To the editor:

I have known Terry Baker since he was 14 years old (36 years) in several capacities. Terry burst onto the local running scene at Williamsport High School, where he was a state champion distance runner in cross country and track and field.

He, his coach, Glenn Smith, and his teammates were extremely tough, but worthy opponents for all of us here in Washington County, and the state of Maryland.

Mr. Baker, a true native son, broadened his horizons to the national and international levels through running at HCC, Auburn University and the USATF circuit.


Terry Baker is uniquely qualified as a candidate for service as a Washington County Commissioner. His professional experience summary highlights his 25 years as a vocational and technology teacher, during the majority of that time doubling as cross country and track coach at North Hagerstown High School and Clear Spring High School. From that vantage point, he has viewed closely the developing and continuing needs of our young people, not only about the world of work, but of standards of physical fitness.

Baker has been the owner-operator of a home improvement business for more than a decade and is completing a four-year term on the Clear Spring Town Council.

Please consider making him one of your choices on Nov. 7.

Dwight Scott
Frederick, Md.

Paul Swartz cares

To the editor:

We just wanted to let the voters of Washington County to know about one of the people running for County Commissioner. Paul Swartz is a quality man who has served this county in a variety of areas for a number of years. He has taught our young men and women in sports. He has taught our young people in the classroom. He has been an advocate for students with a variety of difficulties when he worked at the Board of Education. Paul has touched the lives of many people in this county and he seeks to continue to make a difference in our county as County Commissioner.

Paul has been a faithful member of our church for more than 35 years. He has been an elder, the clerk of our Session (our governing body), a Sunday School teacher, a member of the Men's Group, and has served the church in a variety of ways.

We have known Paul for more than 14 years. He is a caring and compassionate man who goes out of his way to help those less fortunate. Paul is intelligent and easy to work with.

He is one who will listen and then seek to make the right decision, the best decision for the county. We would encourage all of you voters to vote for Paul Swartz, not only in the primary but in the general election as well. He will not disappoint you.

Mark and Annette Sandell

Don't believe what Blankenship says

To the editor:

For over a dozen years I've been the elected Doorkeeper of the West Virginia House of Delegates. I'm a longtime resident of the Eastern Panhandle, and I pay particular attention to our delegation in the House.

I've been quite dismayed at the nonsense one Don Blankenship is spreading about local Democratic delegates, John Doyle, Bob Tabb and Locke Wysong. Blankenship is CEO of Massey Energy, the fourth largest coal company in America. He's spending millions of dollars of his own money to influence the West Virginia Legislature.

He's made numerous ridiculous accusations about these three fine delegates. Here's an example. He says Doyle, Tabb and Wysong voted against exempting food from the Consumers' Sales Tax.

Not so. They voted to reduce the tax by a penny, and have committed to eliminate the tax in a responsible manner. They did vote against a grossly irresponsible proposal to eliminate the entire tax without replacing the money ($150 million that goes for schools, law enforcement, environmental protection, senior services and a host of other necessary things.)

John, Bob and Locke have done yeoman work for our panhandle, such as changing the rules on school finance so that our growing counties get the money for "increased enrollment" in the year of the increase.

We have big fights ahead of us, such as getting locality pay for state and school employees. Our best chance of winning them is with Doyle, Tabb and Wysong back in Charleston.

John Roberts
Hedgesville, W.Va.

Re-elect John Bloyer

To the editor:

On Nov. 7, this county will decide to grant or deny several currently elected officials another term in office. We write in support of the re-election of John R. Bloyer for Register of Wills.

We have known Bloyer and his family for many years and we know he is an honest and trustworthy public servant. He is knowledgeable on all aspects of the office of Register of Wills and has served the residents of Washington County for more than 23 years, 14 years as Register.

Most people meet the Register of Wills and his staff at a time of grief and it can be very stressful. Bloyer has a kind and understanding manner, which is very comforting when dealing with a sad and sometimes confusing task.

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