Mullendore the logical choice for sheriff

October 21, 2006|by Gary Rohrer, Boonsboro

To the editor:

I am writing to encourage everyone to vote for Col. Douglas Mullendore for Washington County Sheriff. This isn't rocket science; it's a matter of common sense. A vote for Doug is by far the most responsible thing we can do for our community.

Not only is Doug extremely qualified to be Sheriff, he is the most qualified for this very important position.

He has devoted 28 years of his life to law enforcement in this county, spending the last five years as the chief deputy under Sheriff Mades. He served the previous four years as patrol commander.

Doug has an impressive resume that includes a BS Degree in Criminal Justice Administration, graduate of the FBI National Academy for Criminal Justice Executives and a graduate of numerous other programs with the FBI as well as the Maryland State Police.


Doug was also the first director of the Washington County Narcotics Task Force. In the interest of time and space, I encourage you visit his Web site at and click on "Professional Experience" and "Community and Professional Involvement" and see for yourself. This is one top cop!

I've known Doug for about 17 years and have had the distinct privilege of watching this bright and talented man at work on a number of projects, most recently as a very active participant on the County's Public Safety Radio Communications Steering Committee.

As many know, the county recently inked a contract for $19.5 million to replace its aging radio system with a state-of-the-art system that will serve this community for many years to come. Col. Mullendore played a vital role in helping knock down the original proposal from more than $26.5 million, while seeing that patrol personnel will have the latest technology to aid them in protecting our community.

Col. Mullendore enjoys an excellent working relationship with his counter-parts throughout the county, including the Hagerstown City Police Department; something I witnessed (again) as part of the radio communications project.

He understands the issues and complications that accompany the pangs of growth felt by our county and he knows exactly how to deal with them.

He is actively involved in the day-to-day management of the sheriff's department's 230 full-time employees and its $17.6 million budget. Anyone else elected to this position will require an enormous learning curve, something that will require substantial time.

Doug Mullendore is a very fine gentleman as well as a highly trained law enforcement officer who deserves our support. With Doug, there will be no "learning curve." For your family, for our community, please be sure to cast your vote on Election Day for Douglas Mullendore for sheriff.

Gary Rohrer, Boonsboro

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