Why my husband and best friend would be a good sheriff

October 21, 2006|by Teresa Poffenberger, Clear Spring

To the editor:

After 28 years of law enforcement, my husband and my best friend will be retiring from the Maryland State Police. I would like to share with you my experience with Rich as a loving and devoted husband, father and Maryland State Trooper.

I met Rich when I was a senior in high school. We were married in 1982. We had our first daughter Jamie in 1984 and in 1986 we had our second daughter Jordan. Rich has always been a very loving and devoted father.

He has always stood by his girls, getting involved with their schooling, sports and life.

He was proud to be a part of everything they did. I watched Rich coach them with pride during their many years of participating in sports, such as volleyball and softball. He always made the girls his top priority.


Both girls are now grown and have good jobs, but Rich is still standing beside them in their choices and giving them fatherly advice when he thinks they need some guidance.

As I sit back and think about Rich's career as a state trooper, I am very proud.

He has received many awards and has been recognized by many organizations.

Rich came in contact with many tasks and had to make quick decisions. Even during the times he was in danger he always let us know he was OK. He is a very compassionate and understanding person, especially when having to tell or face people who had just had loved ones hurt or killed in accidents.

He has always had the well being of children in danger close to him. He loves children and the mistreatment of any child is something he positively will not tolerate.

He very seldom talked about the bad times, trying to keep them to himself, but the expression on his face and the quiet man always let me know he had a bad day.

As of Nov. 1, I will not have the opportunity to watch him dress for work and see the pride that he has always taken in wearing his uniform. When he would leave for work, he always left knowing that before his shift was over, somewhere, somehow he would be making a difference in someone's life.

I am very proud to say Rich is my husband and along with our daughters will stand beside him in whatever the future brings him. You should know that whatever the future holds for him, he will always have the interest of citizens at heart.

Teresa Poffenberger, Clear Spring

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