Council tables talk on defining borough roadways

October 20, 2006|by KATE S. ALEXANDER/Staff Correspondent

WAYNESBORO, Pa. - Months after the borough solicitor helped settle the Locust Street controversy by deciding it was a street, not an alley, Waynesboro Borough Council is preparing to update its definitions of roadways.

On Wednesday evening, the planning commission presented the council with the recommendation that it update its zoning ordinance to include more accurate definitions of streets and alleys.

The council tabled the issue, asking borough solicitor Melissa Dively to draft the changes.

"It is not unusual for the council to examine a matter closely," Dively said.

Borough Manager Lloyd Hamberger said the council is hoping to "clean up the definition of an alley" and avoid further controversy.

While Dively emphasized she is still drafting the change, she said the goal is to define all those roadways which presently do not fall into the definition of a street or the definition of an alley.


Kevin Grubbs, head of borough engineering, said the planning commission is leaning toward a recommended change which specifies only ordained streets as streets, leaving the rest to be alleys.

Grubbs said Wednesday night he said he is compiling a list of all ordained streets in the borough to help answer everyone's questions.

Council president Richard George said council chose to table the matter until Dively brings them something "to look at."

Presently, the planning commission has not made a formal recommendation to council and Hamberger said the matter will go before both the planning commission and the council again before it is brought to a public hearing.

After the public hearing, Hamberger said the council can make its final decision.

Dively stressed that the matter is still in draft and that no set change has been brought before the council.

The last time Waynesboro changed its zoning ordinance was 1991.

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