Candidates' forum comments - House of Delegates Subdistrict 1C

October 20, 2006

LeRoy Myers, 55, Clear Spring - Republican (independent)

On slots: Opposed, just like people in Little Orleans, who weren't asked their opinions about a racetrack. "I think there's many more things to think about in this state than slots," such as education and health care.

On Brian Grim's allegation that Myers voted again increasing education funding: "What my opponent has said is nothing more than a lie." The vote was to fund education, but for a longer period of time than proposed.

On leadership: As a business person, doing what you expect of your employees. In Annapolis, representing your constituents.

On cutting down on drunk driving: There already are enough laws, except the penalty should be stiffer for offenders with multiple offenses.

On crime and prisons: Gang activity is a big problem. Supports Project RESTART, a prison rehabilitation program, but not at the expense of removing correctional officers.


Support charter home rule for Washington County? Yes

Support gay marriage? No

Support term limits? No

Unique qualification for office: A common-sense approach - making government accountable to the public.

Brian Grim, 27, Cumberland - Democrat

On slots: Favors slots, as long as a significant portion of revenue comes back to areas with slot machines.

Top priority: Fully funding education. "My opponent voted against a $1.3 billion increase" for education funding. Supports greater benefits for teachers.

On leadership: Listen to people's concerns, then make decisions. Would bring "youth, energy and the future" to position.

Most important misperception public might have: "That I'm somehow not prepared to do this." Works for state of Maryland. Is active in community groups. Has bachelor's and master's degrees. "I am certainly prepared."

On cutting down on drunk driving: "I don't think it's possible for the legislature in any way to legislate responsibility." Examine which laws work.

On crime and prisons: Support police officers and correctional officers. Increase minimum employment age from 18 to 21 years old - to put "the most mature people" in those jobs.

Support charter home rule for Washington County? Not certain

Support gay marriage? "I support equality"

Support term limits? No

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