You Said It

October 19, 2006

Editor's note - The Morning Herald doesn't endorse any of these anonymous opinions. We encourage readers to include their names with their opinions through letters to the editor that appear each day on Page A4.

"Does anyone know why the University of Maryland football games have not been televised the past two weeks? The Baltimore-Washington market is the fourth largest in the country, what is wrong with this picture? And why did I have to watch last week's game on my computer on espn360? I've been putting up with not being able to see two Ravens games a year, now this." - Hagerstown

"How can anyone describe The Herald-Mail newspaper as liberally biased? Did you notice that a story about a man's dedication to theism made the front page of the local news in Sunday's paper? I do not doubt that the man's answering God's calling helped him. But this story belongs with the religious news! Only a conservative paper would give such coverage to such an ordinary event. To the conservatives out there, our local paper is with you!"


"I see where The Herald-Mail has endorsed Ehrlich for governor. I guess most of us now know why a lot of our letters and call-ins to the newspaper, criticisms of Ehrlich, don't get printed. The newspaper people sit back and read these letters or call-ins and if it looks to be too damaging to Mr. Ehrlich's image, it doesn't get printed. You people want freedom of the press so you can write what you want, regardless of who likes it or not. So what happens to freedom of speech for us?" - Hagerstown

"I see that a local sportsmen's federation chose Republicans for 18 of their 20 published endorsements in The Herald-Mail. The irony is the Democratic Party tends to be more pro-environment than the Republican Party. That is a fact, so where are your members going to hunt or fish when the environment is adulterated by those that you have endorsed?" - Keedysville

"For all of you Orioles fans that think it's funny the Yankees got beat, answer me this: What's the difference between an Orioles hot dog and a Yankees hot dog? You can eat a Yankee hot dog in October. You finished 27 games out of first place. Why don't you worry about getting a team in Baltimore first? When was the last time you finished with a .500 record, let alone made the playoff? Who's the joke on now? Sounds to me like it's the Orioles." - Funkstown

"I was just listening on TV about the special report that the president brought to the nation. I don't think that was a special report. I think it was a political speech, the way I hear it. I think the Republican Party should be made to pay for that speech, and Democrats should have the same opportunity to answer back about a lot of things." - Washington County

"This is to the people calling in because the Yankees did not go to the World Series. That's quite all right, because we have 26 championships, and I don't see anybody catching up any time soon, so they can go ahead and have their fun. I'll take 26 over two or three any day." - Hagerstown

"A3, 'Candidates address local issues': Some of it was within bounds, but the one that I really have a problem with is former commissioner Paul Swartz saying the surplus should be put toward providing county graduates free tuition to Hagerstown Community College. That's not right. I think it'll open up a can of worms. Why wouldn't you want to pay off your debt with a surplus instead of putting it out to something else? That's wrong." - Hagerstown

"I totally agree with the tearing down of the schoolhouse where the Amish children were shot. So many of us want to make shrines where something terrible took place. We can keep our lost loved ones in our hearts and in our memories. In doing so, they are only a thought away." - Clear Spring

"Fees, fees, fees. To the City Council members of Hagerstown: Wow, you really are fascinated with the usage of service fees that you want to burden the taxpayers with in the City of Hagerstown. In all of your meetings, we have not heard of one (objection) or criticism from any of the council members concerning the obnoxious amount of fees that you have brought to the table concerning this matter. Do you realize the burden all of you will be passing on to friends, neighbors and family in your community concerning the vacancy fees? We thought you were working for us, not against us." - Hagerstown

"I was reading in the paper about the problems with the people that were sick on Franklin Street, and I was wondering why Virginia is placing people in Hagerstown." - Hagerstown

"The Herald-Mail, I think, should stop reporting all articles about the prison, state employees, and all the fees that Ehrlich raised and everything else. Now we know why they don't print negative reports about Ehrlich in Mail Call when somebody calls in (and) they have an opinion about Ehrlich and Mary Ann Saar. Now we understand and know why The Herald-Mail doesn't print them."

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