You Said It

October 18, 2006

Editor's note - The Morning Herald doesn't endorse any of these anonymous opinions. We encourage readers to include their names with their opinions through letters to the editor that appear each day on Page A4.

"It was a real nice scare that the people from Somalia that were staying in one of our buildings downtown gave everybody, and a waste of taxpayers' dollars. It put everybody in such a frantic terror ... everything that was going on at that time, which was work and rush hour traffic. Why is it not that they are staying in their own states or the state that the people from that church ... let them stay down in Virginia. Why did they bring everybody to Hagerstown? We have enough problems." - Hagerstown

"I got gas in Blacksburg, Va., and it was $1.98, then got gas in North Carolina, it was $1.99, then got gas in South Carolina, it was $1.99, then got gas in Maryland, it was $2.25. Why is it so much cheaper to the south of us? Can someone answer this for us? - Washington County


"I'm calling about the article in the paper about people unemployed that can't get out on Eastern Boulevard to the companies located there, and I had an idea. Maybe these people can do this. All the companies can get together and get their own bus, and maybe call the unemployment office, getting people at a certain time to meet them there at the unemployment office and take them out and try for jobs. Pick up the workers at different shopping centers and stuff like that. Maybe these companies can get together and get a bus for these unemployed people, so they can get a job." - Maugansville

"(In) the newspaper for Thursday, for the breast cancer survivors for 2006, there was 534 survivors, my mother being one of them. I was just a tad disappointed seeing that you had to clump so many together. I think the least we could do is at least give them two pages. That way everybody could see their names more clearly and be very proud of our cancer survivors." - Williamsport

"What right does the Virginia Council of Churches and the state of Virginia have the right to bring refugees in and set them in Washington County or the state of Maryland and Washington County taxpayers has got to pick up the tab?

"Concerning President Bush not wanting to go to war 40 years ago, we also had another president who didn't want to go to war 40 years ago, one who was too busy protesting his country while visiting the old Soviet Union. This president also had the gall to normalize relations with Vietnam. This president's name was Bill Clinton. So let's be fair. If you're going to bash one, bash the other. I don't think either one of them are all that great for working people. With Clinton you got NAFTA, with Bush you got gaffed." - Hagerstown

"I'm really getting awfully tired about these families that are so grief-stricken about the death of a loved one, they immediately hold press conferences, and then when they do instigate the pre-arranged lawsuit, they say it's not about the compensation. I wish they would just tell the truth." - Falling Waters, W.Va.

"Congressman Foley's behavior is pretty typical out-of-the-closet behavior. Why are we all so surprised?"

"I'm calling in about these refugees from Africa. I think whoever brought them over here ought to be sent back with them. What about all our senior citizens here, can't afford to go to the hospital, don't have insurance and they gotta make a decision to buy food or pay their rent? What about the American people? This is wrong." - Smithsburg

"I'm calling to say how sad it is that North High doesn't have their fall sports program done yet. My family attended North's Friday night homecoming game, and were handed a roster of the opposing team. That was it - no opportunity to purchase a sports program, obviously no homecoming insert if the program wasn't done yet. I guess it was nice to know the opposing team's players' names, since we didn't even know our own. When I inquired where I could purchase a program, I was informed that they weren't completed yet, and provided with a flier regarding the homecoming court, which I understand a teacher produced, so at least the seniors have something to commemorate their homecoming. To top if off, I was informed that North only has one more home football game to be held." - Hagerstown

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