You Said It

October 17, 2006

Editor's note: The Morning Herald does not endorse any of these anonymous opinions. We encourage readers to put their names with their opinions through letters to the editor that appear each day on Page A4.

"People, stop being sheep. If you want the truth about what is really going on in politics, watch Keith Olbermann's 'Countdown' on MSNBC or go to and I wonder what the Christians think of David Kuo's new book, 'Tempting Faith,' in which he describes how Bush has taken advantage of evangelists and has ridiculed them behind their backs. I ask all Christians, is Bush still fooling you?" - Hagerstown

"I just wanted to thank The Herald-Mail for the story and investigation they did relating to school security. I have no doubt that the results that have happened since the article ran are a direct result of the attention that The Herald-Mail brought to this issue. I have been to two public schools this week and both times was immediately approached by a staff person. This has never occurred in the past. I am a parent of a school-age child and it makes me feel much better about his safety knowing that every possible precaution is being taken to ensure his safety."


"The Pennsylvania Senate election hit a new low when Santorum and Casey debated. The debate was one hour of bickering and calling each other a liar. I think both lost and they sure lost my respect. Politics hits a new low each year. Where are the decent people who could win hands down if they showed up?"

"I looked for my other comment in your column. You didn't have any problem printing the one about employers loafing in the break room, playing video and arcade games. Why didn't you print the response and all? It seems to me like you like to print these comments that are out to get the caller, but you don't print other comments that the caller calls in about. I think you editors are just showing a lot of favoritism and bias on the comments that you do publish, especially the ones that are out to pretty much get the caller that's calling in, which I don't think is fair. You should print other comments, too." - Greencastle, Pa.

"I am a Republican, my ancestors and parents were all Republicans, I vote Republican. I have two good friends (who) are Democrats (who) are running for political office. They asked for my support. I told them no, I'm a Republican. I do not cross party lines." - Hagerstown

"I'd like to give a positive comment about how beautiful all the trees are, and the roads, etc., are well maintained in the North End where there are single homes, single residences, but when it starts at Hillcrest to apartment buildings, and where there are young people going to and from the bus stops, they have no regard, they just toss their litter. They should really start at kindergarten with teaching them some kind of a jingle, even if it's hip-hop, for those who like that type of music. That would help really beautify our city." - North End of Hagerstown

"This is to people who keeping knocking Bush. I feel that Bush is a very good president, and that the reason that Bush isn't taking care of a lot of the things that he said he probably should be taking care of is because Clinton left him such a mess in the White House." - Waynesboro, Pa.

"I have a problem. You call a company, especially phone companies, for a problem. You get nothing but an automated list of operations, not anything you need. Then if you want to speak to a representative, you are told to hold. After a few minutes, the phone goes dead, you try again, and the same thing. Does anybody have a way to get around the automated system so you can get the answers you need when you want them?" - Hagerstown

"Pertaining to all the excitement downtown, this is why people who come to the U.S. should have to speak English. I'm glad no one was hurt, but look how much money it cost for every one of those workers to be there, and especially when through, to be told it was a speech problem. If we went to their country, we had better darn know something of their language." - Hagerstown

"I'm a parent who has a child that rides the bus to South Hagerstown High. I'm just concerned if any other parents know about the overcrowding, where the children have to sit on the floor or stand in the aisles. It is unsafe. Our children's lives are at risk. I've complained, I've had inside information about things. Nothing's being done. They need to get another bus." - Hagerstown

"I'm calling about the incident on West Franklin Street on Wednesday. I would like to commend all of the emergency personnel who were involved in this situation. They were highly skilled and trained. It is very reassuring to know we have such highly skilled emergency personnel here in Hagerstown. Thank you, guys. Job well done." - Hagerstown

"A college degree doesn't make you smart." - Hagerstown

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