Choice of written word earns sports fan time to talk on air

October 17, 2006|by KAREN HANNA

BOONSBORO - For a Boonsboro High School senior considering Ivy League schools, opportunity knocked last week.

During a segment Wednesday, ESPN Radio's Mike & Mike in the Morning razzed Kyle Kane, a 17-year-old Boonsboro honors student who said he finds his escape in sports.

According to Kyle, a radio show producer set up the segment after two people sent in an advertisement from Washington County Public Schools naming him the September Student of the Month. In the ad, which ran in The Herald-Mail on Oct. 1, Kyle said his favorite book is "Why My Wife Thinks I'm an Idiot: The Life and Times of a Sportscaster Dad" by Mike Greenberg.

Greenberg is one of the hosts of Mike & Mike in the Morning. Mike Golic, a former National Football League player, is the other.


"(Golic) said, 'You got a lot going for you, but you read something by him, that takes you down a notch in my book," said Kyle, who recounted his radio appearance while waiting to get a grade from a teacher after school Wednesday.

A football, baseball and basketball player, Kyle said he finds escape through sports. According to the biography that ran in The Herald-Mail, Kyle this year is taking five advanced-placement courses, which are among the most rigorous of the school system's offerings.

"I just love how sports are something that are always there," Kyle said.

He said he was not sure who sent his biography to the radio show.

Vickie Kane, Kyle's mother, said a radio show producer called last week to pitch the idea of featuring Kyle. Kyle was at football practice at the time, but Kane said she saved the message for her son so he could hear the radio show's offer for himself.

"It was just fantastic. He's such a sports fan that when we got this call, we were like, 'Wow,'" Kane said.

Beside playing Friday night football, Kyle said he is away most weekends playing baseball for a traveling team. Kane said she and her husband, Greg Kane, Kyle's father, try to make sure someone is at all of their son's games.

"This will probably sound like a mother, but he is probably one of the most focused people I know," Kane said.

While Kyle said colleges are recruiting him for football and baseball, his mother noted it was his academic tendencies that got him on the radio. In his biography, he listed sports, reading and thinking as his special interests.

"That phone call from ESPN came about because he read a book, and that's kind of what we've stressed to him from Day One: Read, read, read," Kane said.

A St. Louis Cardinals fan, Kyle said his favorite player is Albert Pujols. He said he and Greenberg share "a pure love of sports," and they both disdain the controversies over issues such as steroids that have sullied sports.

The Cardinals are playing the New York Mets for the National League's berth in the World Series. The Miami Dolphins, Kyle's other favorite team, have been lackluster.

Win or lose, sports provides perspective, Kyle said.

"Even if you have a favorite team, and they have a terrible year, all isn't lost because there's always next season," Kyle said.

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