Dirtie guitarist


Sean Kipe plays lead guitar in the band Dirtie Blonde. The band gets around. In the past year, they opened for Teddy Geiger, INXS and Nick Lachey. They have jammed backstage with Top 40 musicians such as Pink.

Kipe is a local guy. He got his musical start playing trumpet at Smithsburg Middle School.

Recently, we interviewed Kipe, who is 25, during a short visit at home in Hagerstown. Usually, he is on the road all the time. Being home for a week is a big break in a very busy schedule.

Dressed comfortably in jeans and a light-blue, long-sleeved shirt topped with a navy blue Aropostale shirt (close to cobalt blue, his favorite color), Kipe stands 6 feet tall and has spiky black hair and pale blue-green eyes. He told us about his job.

Dirtie Blonde has released a CD called "Self-Titled." Amie Miriello is lead singer and songwriter. Kipe plays lead guitar, Jay Dmuchowski plays rhythm guitar, Dean Moore plays bass guitar and Tim Perez plays drums. Dirtie Blonde plays mainstream and pop music. When asked about the band's name, Kipe said, "(Amie) is blonde and the band is dirty."


Sean said touring is intense. Currently, Dirtie Blonde is the opening act for Nick Lachey's concert tour. Tonight, they perform at Bay Performing Arts Center in Tampa, Fla. On Thursday, Oct 19, the band performs in Orlando. The next day, they play in Atlanta and the next day in Nashville. Over the weekend, they perform at The Palace in Louisville, Ky., and on Monday, they play Palace Theatre in Columbus, Ohio.

Days are long and busy. Lachey and Dirtie Blonde sometimes travel at night and check into their hotel in the morning. They have a sound check in the afternoon, eat dinner, perform, meet fans and sign autographs and then, if the next concert is a long distance away, pile on the bus and begin driving.

"I have very little free time. A lot of my time is spent practicing, signing autographs, helping create (our) music, sleeping and eating," he said.

When he does get free time, Sean indulges in his favorite video game, "Ghost Recon," or reads. His favorite book is "The Da Vinci Code." Sometimes musicians gather backstage when they're not performing and jam together. This can be fun, Kipe said. He said he has played with Pink and other big names in the music business.

Which is different from the country music Sean grew up on. Sean grew up playing the trumpet and listening to country singers and INXS, and just recently finished a tour with Teddy Geiger.

Kipe said he kind of likes the attention he gets while performing, but he doesn't let it go to his head. He is a humble person, someone you'd like to hang out with or play guitar with. An ordinary guy with an extraordinary career.

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