Local votes

October 15, 2006

Hagerstown City Council

United Way incentives

Motion 1: The Hagerstown City Council on Tuesday voted 3-2 against a motion to establish a United Way incentives program with paid time off for city employees.

Kristin B. Aleshire - For

Kelly S. Cromer - Against

Lewis C. Metzner - For

Penny M. Nigh - Against

Alesia D. Parson-McBean - Against

Motion 2: The city council voted unanimously to develop an incentives program without the time off, instead only offering gift certificates, gas cards and pool and golf passes.


Aleshire - For

Cromer - For

Metzner - For

Nigh - For

Parson-McBean - For

Loan approval

The Hagerstown City Council on Tuesday unanimously approved a $100,000 loan through the Hagerstown Revolving Loan Fund for the Paradise Hospitality Group LLC.

Aleshire - Yes

Cromer - Yes

Metzner - Yes

Nigh - Yes

Parson-McBean - Yes

Martinsburg City Council

Zoning change

The Martinsburg City Council on Thursday night voted 6-1 to change the zoning on five downtown properties on West Race Street. The owner hopes to build a multifaceted cultural center in the area.

Donald Anderson - Yes

Betty Gunnoe - Yes

Roger Lewis - No

Max Parkinson - Yes

Shari Persad - Yes

Rick Wachtel - Yes

Richard Yauger - Yes

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