Big Syd marches to his own beat

October 12, 2006|by BIG SYDNEY

I decided to see how the other half lives the other day.

For all these years I've been picking football, I've only watched the games to prove that I'm right.

Halftime? That was a musical interlude I had while I backed up my flatbed to load up at the concession stand.

A band, you say? There are actually bands that play during the intermission? I always just thought someone had turned up the volume in an elevator somewhere.

When I heard about Washington County's 30th annual Showcase of Bands, I figured I would attend just so I could get the full football experience I had been missing all these years.


After I got my ticket, I decided I should prepare for it all.

I started heading around the street of Dargan, just looking for anything that could help me appreciate an evening of marching-band music.

First I went over to Stars and Stripes Forever, the local planetarium and trendy convict fashion shop, looking for some information. They looked at me funny and just told me to march right on out of there.

I went over to the local sheet music and lumber store, known as Score Boards in town to get my iPod all booted up with marching-band music. I didn't realize how expensive it would be because of the octive-ation fee.

I was looking for a quick background read about marching bands but no one seemed to have any Cleft Notes.

Then I realized I didn't need any help. I could treat going to a band event much like how I get ready for football.

First, I did my job as the premier football prognosticator that I am.

I took Boonsboro's band over Williamsport's by three scores.

I thought Clear Spring's band had a few note-worthy movements to baffle Hancock's horn section.

I loaded up the PAT (point after touchdown) Cruiser and trekked on over the School Stadium for a prime tailgating spot before the opening toot-off.

I decided to keep all my snacks to a music-related theme, just to show that I don't march to a beat of a different drummer.

The pregame fare was highlighted by a Tune-a casserole, a Spam medley and some drumsticks.

After I filled up, I grabbed my floppy conductor's stick and headed to the stands to get a good seat for the band-to-band combat.

I looked for a program to see who was starting at left tuba for North Hagerstown. There weren't any.

I was amazed at how every band member was able to make the proper reeds and were able to run precise patterns in traffic.

Some of the fans got a little annoyed with me when I started to do the wave as Smithsburg's band started a march to the end zone.

All in all, though, I was glad I went to see the Showcase of Bands.

One thing bothered me, though.

How come the football teams didn't come out and play at halftime?

On with the predictions. Last week: 16-4 (.800); Season 89-30 (.748).



St. James 20, Maret 12: If the Frogs wear olive uniforms, are they the green Maret?

Brunswick 44, Clear Spring 13: You can always tell the Railroaders' cheerleaders. They're the ones that go "Whoo-Whoo."

North Hagerstown 38, Williamsport 16: Hubs get a flavor for the game with some Minella extract.

South Hagerstown 15, Smithsburg 7: Leopards have been losing because they spot opposing teams points.

Catoctin 33, Boonsboro 26: Warriors can't stand the heat because they can't read the Thurmontmeter.

Westmar 27, Hancock 21: Does Hancock's running back wear True blue?

Berkeley Springs 30, Keyser 20: Then the Indians will beat the Golden Tornado in a game of Twister.

Hedgesville 23, Musselman 14: Eagles make French fry and then some Apple(men) crisp.

Martinsburg 39, Calvin Coolidge 19: First Coolidge, then Jefferson later ... Bulldogs out to create their own Mount Rushmore.

Carlisle 44, Chambersburg 38: Trojans make a mess that they can't clean up on Carlisle 4.

Greencastle 27, East Pennsboro 12: Travel advice: Visit the fountain when in East Pennsboro.

Boiling Springs 31, James Buchanan 18: Rockets find themselves in hot water against Boiling Springs.

Waynesboro 22, Scotland 20: Indians need to beware of the hidden-ball trick when playing a team wearing kilts.


Hill School 26, Mercersburg Academy 13: Blue Storm can't find a level playing field at the Hill School.


Maryland 27, Virginia 23: Friedgen has requested that no turnovers be served at the team meal.

Michigan 31, Penn State 20: No, Penn State scholars aren't known as Nittany wits.

West Virginia 43, Syracuse 16: First the Orange can't concentrate, then the Mountaineers beat them to a pulp.

Shepherd 28, Charleston 13: Even when the Rams take the party on the road, it is always Cater-ed.


Panthers 24, Ravens 15: Things remain hairy for Ravens and won't get smooth until they learn how to use McNair.

Redskins 31, Titans 21: In a plot twist in the 'Skins' soap-opera season, they force the Titans into becoming Young and restless.

Steelers 20, Chiefs 14: Steelers make different travel plans since they miss the Bus.

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