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October 11, 2006|by ERIN JULIUS

HAGERSTOWN - A few missteps, dropped flags and flat notes did not prevent Washington County's high school marching bands from putting on a good show Tuesday night for an enthusiastic audience at the 30th Annual Showcase of Marching Bands at South Hagerstown High School.

Before the showcase, Smithsburg High School's color guard was found behind the school practicing just a few more times, painting their nails and applying their lipstick.

The hardest part of the routine, which they have practiced since May, is tossing their flags, then turning around and catching them, said Kyla Greenhorn, 16.

"The occasional lucky person will catch it," Kyla said.

Parents and friends filled the bleachers during the show, applauding at all the right moments.

Sue Cline jumped to her feet and cheered when Boonsboro High School marched out to take the field. Her daughter, Jennifer Abel, plays the bass drum for Boonsboro.


"People like to support the schools in the county," Cline said. "All the bands are wonderful. You can tell the kids work hard."

The bands used props, flags and uniforms to help tell a story with their field shows.

Hancock Middle-Senior High School's band dragged a bed onto the field.

One of the band members played the part of a little girl curled on the bed asleep and having nightmares as the band played music from the movies "Sleepy Hollow" and "The Nightmare Before Christmas."

Boonsboro's band put on an energetic, dizzying show with a NASA space theme. The color guard wore blue astronaut suits and danced with large silver stars as the band played space songs.

South Hagerstown High School's band got the crowd clapping along to a rendition of "Last Train Home," meant to honor Hagerstown's history as the Hub City.

Smithsburg's drum majors dressed as Batman and Catwoman, complete with stiletto heels, to lead their band in songs from "Batman."

Logan True, 14, just joined Hancock's marching band and he liked his first showcase, although he was scared at first.

"I like to see all these people here, it's really amazing," Logan said.

Logan's friend David Weller, 15, said this was his third showcase.

"It's a good experience. When we do home football games, there are usually not that many people," David said.

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