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Blast from the past

October 11, 2006

Week of Oct. 8, 1956

County Clerk Hubert Stine says the case of the mystery of the "bear" that is periodically observed in the Sharpsburg Road area can be marked closed.

Stine, who lives in the Sharpsburg area, said the "bear" is a big, black dog that bears a striking resemblance to a bear from a distance.

The dog is owned by Alex V. Poffenberger of Sharpsburg, whose neighbors have commented on the fact that the dog, a mongrel, resembles a young black bear.

Dean Fiery, son of Dr. and Mrs. Roger L. Fiery, 2110 Fairfax Road, and a junior at North Hagerstown High School, is an astute young businessman. He has 90 customers on his Daily Mail newspaper route, bicycles three miles daily to serve them, and earns about $9 weekly.


Magistrate Paul Ottinger is accustomed to hearing unusual and humorous reasons why convicted persons should not be sent to jail. But this week, he heard one that topped all.

A woman who had just been found guilty of being drunk and disorderly asked that he not send her to jail because she was the owner of five newly born puppies and if she went to jail there would be no one to care for them.

Nope, her story didn't work. She got 30 days.

Week of Oct. 8, 1981

When city police Major Paul Wood isn't wearing his badge, he's donning his gi, the robe he wears when he's teaching. He does this in his dojo, or training gym.

And when cop Wood turns teacher, he gives his students a kick - figuratively and literally. If he didn't, he wouldn't be doing his job - as a karake instructor who owns a hard-earned black belt in the Oriental martial art.

Paul Frazer thought one of his boilers was leaking this summer when he saw water trickling in through the wall in the basement of his home north of Highfield. When he investigated, it turned out to be a major leak - about 150,000 gallons' worth - in a water line buried in the hillside behind his house.

And Frazer, who normally uses less than 10,000 gallons in three months, is going to have to pay for it. The Washington County Sanitary Commission is sending Frazer a bill for about $400.

The Hagerstown government plans to start renovating two old apartment buildings next month when the city's two-month-long freeze on Community Development Block Grant funds is lifted.

Steve Sager, community development supervisor said the two buildings, purchased by the city for a total of $74,000, will be sold on the private market once the renovation is complete.

- Compiled by Jean Baraclough

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