Letters to the editor

October 10, 2006

Our GOP delegates, not Donoghue, supported flush tax, higher car fees

To the editor:

I have never before felt so compelled to write a letter to the editor. After recently hearing and reading various "untruths," I now feel I must.

I have had the honor and privilege of working for Del. John Donoghue for the past eight years. I ask the fair-minded citizens of Hagerstown, District 2C, to take the time to investigate Donoghue's voting records and positions on various issues of local interest before believing anything they hear in "anonymous" telephone surveys or read in the media.

More specifically, the individual who called this very newspaper's "Mail Call" on Oct. 2 is completely inaccurate on all three points he made and about which he chose to "bash" Del. Donoghue!


John Donoghue has consistently and persistently worked for his constituents of Hagerstown and Washington County. In 2004, both the large increase in state motor vehicle registration fees and the so called "flush tax" were direct results of our current governor's initiated bills.

Donoghue was the only member of our Washington County delegation to vote against the increase in registration fees. Donoghue was one of only five delegates (out of 141) who voted on both occasions against the bill that implemented the "flush tax."

Furthermore, out of his dismay that his constituents would be dealt with this unfair blow, he proposed a bill that would have prohibited the state from imposing a surcharge on residents of the City of Hagers-town (his District 2C constituents) for using state wastewater facilities. Unfortunately, this bill died in committee because the committee chair refused to consider any exemptions. Lastly, Del. Donoghue has always opposed and has voted against the Vehicle Emission Inspection Program (VEIP) in Washington County.

Anyone is entitled to his/her own opinion, but please do not publicly voice your opinion, and attempt to influence others, if it is based on falsehoods. An individual's reputation might be at stake.

Joanne Rulewich Evans
Hagerstown District 2C Resident
District Legislative Assistant to Del. John P. Donoghue
Washington County, District 2C

Donoghue himself called attention to outside fundraiser

To the editor:

On a recent editorial page, I noted a headline that stated: "Letter-writers don't always have facts straight..." That headline should appear on Liz Shrader's letter, which claims my use of the Del. John Donoghue fundraiser invitation is a dirty trick.

The invitation was printed by the Friends of John Donoghue, (which, by the way, is in Baltimore and not here in his own district) and sent to my wife and me. To use this is a straightforward presentation of the facts and does not fall anywhere near the category of a "dirty trick."

If the invitation were to be so secretive, why was it sent to me twice and my wife and a dozen other Republicans of whom I can think?

Liz Shrader should get her facts straight before writing her letter to the newspaper. It is true, I served eight years in the General Assembly and received PAC funds, but Liz, you must understand that never did I accept funds from any special interest groups which appeared before any committee on which I ever served.

I hope you understand where a conflict of interest comes into play. Del. Donoghue takes money from people with deep pockets who hope to influence his vote to their benefit and to the possible detriment of the people of Hagerstown who have elected him.

Paul Muldowney
Legislative Sub-District 2C

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