October 08, 2006

The 16th annual Andrews Reunion was held Sunday, Sept. 24, at Byron Memorial Park in Williamsport. The reunion was hosted by John and Zella Andrews and family.

Fifty-nine descendants and friends of Robert J. and Gladys May (Day) Andrews were welcomed by Linda Miller. A prayer was offered by Steve Younker. Everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to Bryan Derryberry, who was celebrating his 18th birthday, that day. A delicious picnic lunch was shared and enjoyed by all.

Rod Bonebrake, Lisa Barthlow and Linda Miller shared games with the group. Winners were Ashley Andrews in the Tri-Bond game, Cindy Derryberry, Missy Derryberry and Holly Bonebrake in the Andrews Name Game, and Jamie Derryberry, Sharon Houser and Ame Derryberry in the Bald Eagle game. Guessing games were provided by Lisa Barthlow, Brenda Younker, Linda Miller and Sharon Houser.

Brenda Younker correctly guessed the candy pumpkins in the candy dish - 74. Debbie Andrews won the gumballs - 141. Trenton Derryberry won the sunflower seeds - 1,325. Debbie Lightner won the candy dish of nonpariels - 84. And Catherine Andrews won the pumpkin by guessing closest to its weight -18.05 pounds.


Door prizes were won by Sharon Houser, Holly Bonebrake, David Miller, Shannon Younker, Elizabeth Andrews, Missy Derryberry, Josh Springer, Clint Moss and Matty Andrews. The grand door prize was an Andrews Family Calendar with pictures from past reunions and the birthdays of all family members. It was designed by Sharon Houser, Lisa Barthlow and David and Linda Miller. Sharon Houser won the prize but gave it to Oscar (Pete) and Matty Andrews.

Twenty-five yummy desserts were then won in an old-fashioned cake walk. Lisa Barthlow provided the music. Gladys Frey, Laura Griffith, Jake Gearhart, Oscar Andrews, Zella Andrews, Steve Younker, Holly Bonebrake, Rod Bonebrake, Natasha Waite, Ronnie Houser, Terry Andrews, Nicole Conway, Debbie Andrews, JoAnn Derryberry, Ame Derryberry, Jamie Derryberry, John Andrews, Debbie Lightner, Catherine Andrews, Amy McNew, Elizabeth Andrews, Sharon Houser, Tasha Bonebrake, David Miller and Laura Francis all collected desserts to take home with them.

Next year's reunion will be hosted by Oscar and Matty Andrews and family.

The descendants and family of the late James Frederick Williams and Margaret Williams Hartle held their family reunion Sunday, Aug. 20, at the Wesley Meadows property of James and June Haddock, west of Hagerstown.

Fifty-seven people were in attendance. Most of the remaining children of James and Margaret attended: Irene Baker, Peggy Smith, and June Haddock, all of Hagerstown; Hank Williams of Ohio, Hilda Alderman of West Virginia, and John Williams of Virginia. Irene Baker gave the formal blessing. The youngest member to attend was 2-year-old Ariona Heise of Hagerstown.

Winners of the candy toss were Janai Heise, Skyla Heise, Ariona Heise, Annette Martenot, Armand Martenot and Josh Hurd, all of Hagerstown, and Ashli Lloyd of Falling Waters, W.Va. Guessing game winners were Kyle Shrout of Ohio, Ashli Lloyd of Falling Waters and Julie Smith of Hagerstown.

Special thanks for games, setup and cleanup go to Peggy Smith, Paul and Julie Smith; Irene Baker; Mary Anne, Belinda, Charlie and Eric Thompson; Jim and June Haddock; and John and Becki Heise.

The 11th annual Daniel Boone and Bertha Estelle Orem/Smith family reunion was held Sept. 17 at Carrollton Park, Frederick, Md. There were 54 family members in attendance.

The reunion committee purchased chicken, and covered dishes were brought and shared by everyone.

The following officers were re-elected: Adam Rice, president; Betty Rice, vice president; Katherine Duvall, treasurer; Theresa Crabill, secretary; and Jessica Rice, children's games. Minutes were read and the treasurer's report was given.

Activities this year included a cake walk, with donations supplied by family; and children's games and candy guesses, which were won by Tori Rice and Theresa Crabill. The basket raffle was won by Eddie Winpigler, and a 50/50 was won by Betty Rice. The family had the best auction ever, and raised the most money this year. Also, bingo was the new activity and was enjoyed by all.

Those in attendance were Ramon, Theresa, Matt and Mitchell Crabill; Mark and Joshua Crabill; Brenda White, Eddie Winpigler, Betty Rice, Tammy, Eric, Daniel and Zachary Dutrow; Betty, Wayne and Shane Holt; Barbara Howard, Patricia Whipp, Katherine Duvall, Janet Lehman, Melissa Duvall, Michael and Sidney Edelen, Shirley and Ronald Harrison, Charles and Betty Smith, Rosie Brashears, Linda and Jeff Whipp and family; Mary and Alred Wetzel, Brian, Melissa, Victoria and Nathaniel Rice; Beth Main, Paige Bell, Mike Taylor, Gabbie Benton, Joe and Genevieve Althoff; Billy, Heather, Colby and Logan Duvall, Jessica and Paige Rice and Ben, Ronnie and Donna Rice, and Adam and Dixie Rice.

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