National Newspaper Week

October 05, 2006

It may seem a bit immodest for a newspaper to sing the praises of National Newspaper Week, but we believe that it is justified by the accomplishments of those who work at The Herald-Mail and in the industry at large.

The theme of the week, which runs through Oct. 7, is "Newspapers: We cover your life."

When a baby is born, we run a birth announcement. When that same child excels in school or in youth sports, we print his or her name again.

So it goes throughout the lives of our readers. When they marry, enter the armed forces or win an award for their business success or volunteer service, the newspaper chronicles that.

When readers join service clubs or other organizations and hold fundraisers for a good cause, we take note of that in these pages. And finally, when they pass away, we record who they were and those who loved them.


And the best thing is, in most cases, there is no charge for printing these stories, these pieces of history.

But there is more. When a candidate seeks a local office in which he or she would have a say in how your tax dollars are spent, the newspaper does interviews and checks backgrounds to give readers an idea of who can do the job.

If there is a serious wreck or arrest in your neighborhood, the newspaper likely will tell you what happened and why.

If that activity involved an arrest, the newspaper will cover the trial to make sure that justice is done.

But Herald-Mail staffers aren't the only ones who get a say in what appears in the newspaper. Readers also can offer their comments on the issues of the day in letters to the editor.

Without those readers and the advertisers who support us, we couldn't do any of these things. As we remind readers of everything we do, we cannot forget to thank all who help us.

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