Judge to issue final hospital decision

October 05, 2006|by ANDREW SCHOTZ

A hearing on an appeal over zoning variances for a proposed new Washington County Hospital has been canceled.

The hearing was scheduled for Friday.

Instead, parties in the case will wait for Washington County Circuit Judge W. Kennedy Boone III to rule on the appeal.

In August, Boone upheld the variances on three of four points.

On the fourth point - uniqueness - Boone asked the Washington County Board of Zoning Appeals to better explain its findings.

Zoning board members met briefly Sept. 19 to list what they consider unique aspects of the project, such as proximity to major roads, topography and access to public water and sewer service.


The board sent its list to Boone.

A group called Citizens for Responsible Health Care formally challenged two variances that the zoning board approved in December 2005.

The variances covered building height, a connection to Robinwood Medical Center, and helicopter and ambulance service.

Hospital officials plan to move the current hospital on East Antietam Street to a site on Robinwood Drive.

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