City honors boards and commissions volunteers

September 28, 2006

HAGERSTOWN - Forty people who served on Hagerstown boards and commissions were honored at Tuesday's city council meeting.

Mayor Robert E. Bruchey II called Frank Beckwith "the driving force" for getting the city to recognize the volunteers.

"Longevity on these boards means a lot because you've got a lot of continuity there," Bruchey said.

The people honored Tuesday and the board or commission on which they've served are:

· 20 years: James C. Bryan, technical appeals; Thomas C. Cochrane, technical appeals

· 15 years: Carolyn W. Brooks, Hagerstown Housing Authority (HHA); Daniel A. Matonak, Preservation Design District Commission (PDDC); Dennis Miller, planning; Julian L. Oliver Jr., technical appeals; Paula S. Reed, PDDC; Joann S. Rider, public safety; Karl R. Sanford, PDDC; James Stone, planning; Douglas S. Wright Jr., planning; John Ziegler, parks

· 10 years: William R. Catlett, redevelopment authority; William Clark, HHA; Robert W. Hershey, PDDC; Pam Mease, redevelopment authority; William E. Moler, parks; Frederick A. Nugent, planning; Robert B. Rankin, parks


· 7 1/2 years: Linda K. Baughman, parks; Frank Beckwith, traffic and parking; Alfred S. Bendell IV, technical appeals; Cecil C. Bittinger, public safety; Robert B. Garver, PDDC; Bobby C. Jones Jr., technical appeals; Steven E. Lohr, technical appeals; Mary S. Mallery, PDDC; Rosalind A. Martin, HHA; R. David Pembroke, PDDC; Michael W. Stoner, technical appeals

· 5 years: Scott Draper, redevelopment authority; Michael L. Gehr, PDDC; Harry McAbee, parks; Richard E. McCleary, HHA; Barbara J. Spielman, redevelopment authority; Percy W. Wright, traffic and parking

The city also honored four past volunteers who died:

· Herbert Niner Jr., traffic and parking

· William Mason, public safety

· Michael McCollum, traffic and parking

· Harold Levey, traffic and parking

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