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"The Way We'll Always Be"

September 26, 2006|by ADELINE CUMPATA

The ones who molded me,
And cast me from my shell,
The ones who have always loved me,
And never failed to teach me well.

On the highest precipice,
Or in the lowest gorge,
They are my guardian angels,
Ever since I was born.

Who else would carry my burdens,
When I cannot?
Who else would lead me to the light,
When I am distraught?

Who else would cherish me
In the manner that they do?
How would I manage
without those two?

Only they can fill my heart,
With happiness - or take it away.
They pull my strings like a puppet,
Never let me dance astray

Even when I am divided
Between my way and theirs,
I know their way is better.
I drop mine and adopt theirs.

They never lead me in a wrong direction,
What they say is true,
What I make from their advice,
Will serve me through and through


I am thankful for their many gifts,
My heritage, from east to west,
And back again,
From Europe to the U.S.

I may not stay here,
But to them I say,
I am glad you broke the mold,
And changed from the old way

And like the ocean and the sea,
That are always reshaping the sand,
I hope the love between them and me,
Though changing, will never end

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