Lunchroom chatter

September 26, 2006|by REBECCA HULL

What do you talk about during lunch at school?

I took a recent survey of lunchtime conversation at my school, North Hagerstown High School. I found that the majority of conversations at lunch are associated with inside jokes.

As I was going up and asking people what they talked about, I was clueless about half the things people would say. Several times I heard, "You had to be there! Ha ha ha!"

Here's one example: "Spit take, and the rains fell from the heavens."


Also I found that people will talk about anything and everything at lunch, from Chuck Norris to teachers to what the latest styles are. This is honestly what people are talking about.


One of the things I thought was interesting was girls and boys talk about most of the same things (with the exception of Chuck Norris, which was talked about by one of my guy friends). Girls and boys talked about sports, the opposite sex, teachers, other students, tests, school work, personal problems, food, social events, and, of course, inside jokes.

A few things that girls talked about that guys didn't were clothing, hair and details about their relationships.

Guys talked about sports and video games a lot more than girls.

Another observation that I thought was funny: With girls, there is never a moment of silence. It is talk, talk, talk the whole way through lunch. But guys didn't need to fill every moment with chatter. People think that guys are usually the hyped-up ones but not from my research at lunch.

One thing surprised me. People didn't say they talked about music, movies or TV. I thought pop culture might be a common topic.

I certainly learned more about what people talk about at lunch. Now, I'm getting hungry.

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