You Said It

September 25, 2006

Editor's note: The Morning Herald does not endorse any of these anonymous opinions. We encourage readers to put their names with their opinions through letters to the editor that appear each day on Page A4.

"A caller has raised the question of why a county commissioner candidate would spend $28,000 campaigning for a job that only pays $30,000. According to Election Board records, only a small fraction of that $28,000 came from the candidate's own pockets. The bulk of it came from local entrepreneurs as donations. Another significant question would be: 'What will the candidate owe those generous donors if he is elected?'" - Hagerstown

"I was hoping someone could tell me how a nonprofit organization such as BAAA Football can make it mandatory for the parents to pay $50 upfront for raffle tickets for their fundraiser after we have already paid fees for the kids to participate, paid for team pictures, cleats and other equipment needed to play on an income that you are just getting by on? It gets better: according to their Web site, if you don't pay for the tickets, your child will not receive their trophy or jacket if they are entitled to one." - Boonsboro


"Unbelievable ... Why are school bus drivers allowed to talk on cell phones while transporting students? On multiple occasions, I have observed school bus drivers holding the cell phone with one hand, trying to drive with the other hand, running over curbs, failing to stop at stop signs, speeding, tailgating and committing numerous other traffic violations. The frequency of this is very alarming, so much so, I am compelled to write."

"There are many safe restaurants to eat at in Hagerstown. Strap on your feedbag and take a ride."

"I've been in the Division of Corrections for more than 30 years now. I see where Gov. Ehrlich wants to put the emphasis on controlling the gangs within the prisons. We've always had problems with gangs in the prisons - biker gangs, East West Baltimore, gangs from D.C. - they've been in the Maryland prisons for years, but up until the last several years, we've always had the staffing to control them. It's just more proof that governors do not have a clue as to what's going on in our prisons today." - Hagerstown

"To the person who called from Falling Waters, W.Va.: I'll bet all the cars driving fast and weaving in and out weren't senior citizens, as we are all wrongly getting accused of." - Hagerstown

"To the Hagerstown native who wants to do something about prisoners from the jail being discharged and living in Hagerstown: I don't know what you intend to do about it because this is America, and people can live wherever they want to live. We're not in Russia, remember? They have to live somewhere. Some people may never go back to jail - maybe they learned their lesson - how do you know?" - Waynesboro, Pa.

"I'm calling in response to the person who needed the phone number to the place that saves money before you go to the car dealership, and answers all the questions before you go. I got a sheet at one of the hardware stores. It says 'Assist You to Options.' It's 301-842-2785. It's not a dealership. I tried it and it worked well for me. Hope it helps."

"A stable feral colony will run off any unwanted outsiders that come in, domesticated cats included, which get run off very quickly because they can't handle themselves in the wild. The feral colony will remain stable. That's one argument for keeping it in place. There are a dozen members of that colony out at City Park. That number will remain stable because they're all spayed and neutered (except that they will die off). They will not allow any other animals to invade their territory, so people using City Park as a dumping ground are going to have to know in advance that their animals are going to be run off, probably to die in traffic on the surrounding street. That is fact." - Hagerstown

"I grew up in Hagerstown, spent the first 40 years of my life there. I took my children to the City Park. We enjoyed it, but we didn't have to worry about cats. Now I try to take my grandchildren and my great-grandchildren there, and all we see is cats and cat feces all over the place. I don't go to the City Park for this. What if those cats attack my grandchild and bite them and scratch them? I'm an animal lover, but I say get rid of the cats in City Park." - Falling Waters, W.Va.

"I believe that we shouldn't have this home rule, that the county commissioners put in whoever they want on this home rule board. I feel that they have too much power already. I think it should be monitored by the state." - Hagerstown

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