Blast from the past

September 20, 2006

Week of Sept. 17, 1956

There are reports from reliable sources that three "drag racing" cars were poised and ready for a race on the one lane of Dual Highway one night a few weeks ago. Police missed catching the participants by the narrowest of margins, it was reported.

There was quite a large concentration of both boys and girls at one favorite "hang-out" of the teen-agers on the eastern edge of this city on this particular night shortly before the midnight hour.

It was reported that the three "drag-racing" car drivers were lined up and ready for a running start when the police cruiser hove into view over the hill toward them. There was a mad scramble, with each automobile taking off in different directions.

Were the Indians whose remains are being unearthed from the banks of Conococheague Creek at Williamsport athletically inclined?

Nicholas Yinger, who with Ralph E. Fout are making the excavations, says very definitely that the "remains at Conococheague reveal games played there was a form of our modern lacrosse with a netted bat or racket somewhat like a snowshoe, and with a rawhide ball packed tight with eagle feathers or bear hair."


For the first time the student activity fee cards that high school students here use for identification purposes, will carry a picture of each individual just as passports and identification cards of employees doing defense work here do.

Week of Sept. 17, 1981

City police are investigating the theft early this morning of $320 worth of spouting from the Trinity Lutheran Church on North Potomac Street.

Officers said a witness called them shortly before 4 a.m. and reported seeing a man strip spouting off the west side of the church and return to pick it up later.

The imperial wizard of the Invisible Empire of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, in Western Maryland for a weekend rally, says he is not an FBI informant.

Bill Wilkinson repeated his denial of an Aug. 30 Nashville Tennessean story that said he was collaborating with the FBI.

Wilkinson was invited to the rally by Sam Royer, a Washington County resident who recently replaced Anthony LaRicci as leader of the Maryland Klan.

Washington County could get a power plant at one of 23 sites being studied by the Western Maryland Power Plant Siting Study. The study, by the state department of planning, will determine locations for future power plants in Washington, Frederick, Carroll, Allegany and Garrett counties.

A public hearing Thursday at 7:30 p.m. at Hagerstown Junior College will take input from local citizens on the 23 choices here.

- Compiled by Jean Baraclough

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