Forum on goat, sheep meat production is Oct. 13

September 19, 2006

WINCHESTER, Va. - The Forum for Rural Innovation is offering a seminar entitled "Meat Production with Goat and Sheep in the Mid-Atlantic."

The six-hour seminar Friday, Oct. 13, at the Best Western Lee-Jackson Motor Inn & Conference Center in Winchester. is an extension of an earlier session.

Invited back is Dr. David Redwine of the Scott County Hair Sheep Association to highlight a successful model that is affecting producers in several states, the forum said in a press release.

Questions to be covered include: Can this model be duplicated in the Mid-Atlantic region? What successes can be found in the area? Are there already organizations that can provide a structure for growth of sheep and goat production? What is the economic potential for sheep and goats in this region?


Local businesses who provide supplies and services to this industry will also be present.

The forum aims "to showcase replicable innovative ideas, projects or programs that enhance farm or rural business profitability, conserve farm land and natural resources, or develop new approaches to rural prosperity that are viable in an expensive farmland-upscale consumer environment."

It said a series of presentations is designed to detail the potential of small ruminants and address essentials for getting started in production.

Topics include:

· The Goat and Lamb Market in the Northeast - Bob Herr, of New Holland Livestock Auction, is to discuss trends in the demand for lambs and goats, the calendar for demand and this relationship to a growing ethnic market.

· Traditional Sheep and Goat Markets in Virginia - Mike Carpenter, of the Virginia Department of Agriculture, is to discuss trends in the sale of goats and lambs in the traditional auction markets of Virginia.

· The Scott County Hair Sheep Association - Dr. David Redwine, DVM, co-founder of the Scott County Hair Sheep Association, says the association is a model of livestock marketing opportunities. Learn the history, marketing strategies, and current production methods of this group of Southwest Virginia farms to supply a meat marketing niche.

· Success in Numbers, A Panel Discussion - Three examples in the sheep industry of working together to meet a goal will be shown. Panel members are to share some of "the trials and tribulations" in their organizations and how they have been achieved success.

Those participating are: Scott County Hair Sheep Association - Dr. David Redwine; Loudoun Valley Producers - Bill Bundy, lamb sausage manager; Old Dominion Livestock Producers - Gary Hornbaker, secretary reasurer and founder.

Moderating this session will be Jeff Semler, senior agent, agriculture and natural resources-Washington County for the University of Maryland Cooperative Extension Service.

For more information, contact Semler at 301-791-1304.

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