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September 18, 2006

Last week's question

What was the one issue in the Maryland primary campaign that you feel should have been addressed, but wasn't? Again, please don't bash candidates.

To the candidates for the Board of Education, I'd like to know their thoughts on the federal No Child Left Behind Act.

To the county commissioner candidates: Where will people live? The urban areas don't want developments and the rural rezoning, adequate public facilities ordinance, and excise tax either outright prohibit or make it very difficult to develop properties in the rural areas?


True bipartisanship is not just lip service.

Telephone solicitation by candidates! Even though I am on the "do not call" list, I still get taped calls and live calls from the candidates. I'm going to blow an official's whistle in the phone of the next phone solicitor. That'll teach 'em!

I don't understand why the Orphans Court judges don't have to know the estate laws or follow the estate laws. I would hope that the new candidates who are running and who will be elected, would be educated in the Maryland estate laws, in order to make decisions on handling issues on probating wills and settling estate issues.

Maryland's primary election should allow crossover voting, no matter which party you belong to. This would allow voters from any party to cast a ballot for their choice of candidates for the general election in November. This allows you to vote for someone from the opposite party if you think he or she would be the best candidate for the job. Other states have this procedure in place and you get better candidates to select from in the November general election.

The HIPAA privacy law, the most intrusive law EVER created. I understand the principle of the thing, but as usual in the U.S., we don't have a "common sense" middle ground.

No one can do anything now. Thanks politicians, we again have gridlock in all systems. In addition, the "do not call" registry should be addressed. People get phone calls at all hours of the day. VOTE ' EM ALL OUT! The constitution gives the citizens the right to overthrow the government and it's time to do it!

It wasn't clear what some of the candidates did for a living. Especially for a county commissioner position, it would be helpful to know exactly how much time these candidates would have to perform the duties necessary.

I don't agree with the editor's assumption that an incumbent who is unopposed automatically feels delusions of grandeur. Maybe he should consider that the public, who are also the voters, believe the incumbent is doing a good job and should be retained.

Elections should be decided on ideas and ingenuity, not notoriety, how much time one has to devote or how much money one has spent. If elected, name one "NEW" idea you would bring to office to improve the county.

In both Democratic and Republican primaries, turnout for the county was very poor. What could candidates do to galvanize voters and renew interest in such a critical process?

With the number of county seniors expected to double within the next 10 years, as county commissioner, what would be your position in regard to aiding assisted living and retirement facilities faced with financial hardship resulting from this potentially overwhelming issue?

This week's question

This year is the 60th anniversary of the founding of Hagerstown Community College. Have you ever attended as a part-time or full-time student and what was the most important thing that you learned?

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