More than the Score

September 18, 2006

Aric Lippoldt
Clear Spring

How has the sport you play helped you in school?

"I like to take the football mentality of unity in to the classroom. That way I am never afraid to help or ask for help. When you play football you have to have all 11 guys on the same page to score. That taught me how to get along with other people."

If you could play any other sport, what would it be?

"Cheerleading. I enjoy the cheerleaders. I just came from the JV game, I was running up and down the sidelines and helping them cheer. I love powder puff, which I plan on participating in as a cheerleader."

What is your favorite class?

"I love History."

What is the best thing about your school?

"The best and worst thing is that everyone knows each other. Everyone on the team has a strong bond and good chemistry because we've played together for eight years."


What do you listen to most on you Ipod?

"This Is Me Smiling (band) and 'Mixin' Up Adjectives' (one of its songs)."

Do you have any pre-game rituals?

"I'm not down with listening to music or yelling. I like to be calm and focus. Silence is my ritual."

If you could travel anywhere, where would it be?

"Lake Loch Ness in Scotland. I've always been fascinated by that mystery."

Where is you favorite local spot to hang out?

"El Rachero. Dan Jarvis and some other players and I go there every Friday. Now we have to change it to Saturday, because games are on Friday nights."

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