More land annexations being considered in Charles Town

September 13, 2006|by DAVE McMILLION

CHARLES TOWN, W.Va. - At least six land annexations are being considered for the City of Charles Town and Mayor Peggy Smith said she supports parts of the plans even though there has been concern in the county about Charles Town's growth interests.

Smith said she is interested in parts of the proposals because she remains concerned about the city getting needed commercial growth to boost its tax revenues.

The proposals were presented to Charles Town City Council members during a workshop meeting Monday night.

Smith said she thought it would be beneficial to bring the proposals to council members in a workshop meeting to determine if support exists for them.

Smith said the annexation requests include:

· A 575-home subdivision east of town near the Shenandoah River that is known as Thorn Hill.

· The Weese/Kable/Fritts annexation off Euclid Avenue. The land is being eyed for affordable housing apartments.


· The Arcadia/Norborne Glebe annexation, which calls for 6.4 acres off W.Va. 9 east being brought into the city for commercial use.

· Windmill Crossing annexation off U.S. 340 near Country Club Road which would include 15 commercial sites and some condominiums.

· Samuel Street Station annexation at the end of Samuel Street. The annexation includes construction of 25 duplexes and five single family homes.

· Kings Crossing annexation, which involves 280 homes on about 86 acres adjacent to the Crosswinds subdivision along W.Va. 9 east.

The annexations come after a controversy over a proposed urban growth boundary that the council considered.

Much of the initial criticism of the expanded growth boundary centered around the proposal to extend a residential growth area to Earle Road west of Charles Town where there are farms.

A group of opponents strongly criticized the plan, saying it made no sense to bring residential growth into a farming area where there are also many historic properties.

The Charles Town Planning Commission later proposed removing the residential growth area from around the Earle Road area as well as a proposal to construct a western highway bypass in the Earle Road area.

Smith said Monday she supports good land planning for the county, but said the city needs to find ways to expand commercial growth.

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