Blast from the past

September 13, 2006

Week of Sept. 10, 1956

It's unusual for a cat to abandon its young and disappear. That is why Mr. and Mrs. Earl Marquiss Jr., Howell Road, were puzzled when their cat failed to return to feed her brood for a day and night this week.

Well, the cat is back with her family after a most trying experience whether by its own fault or some boys who may have put her under the overturned bowl of a neighbor's bird bath.

Mr. Leasure, Beverly Drive, found the overturned bowl and the cat, injured by her own efforts to get free. The cat scurried home to her kittens.

The population of the Washington County Jail, which generally averages 55 to 65 prisoners, is always being augmented by prisoners who are not county prisoners.


The Sheriff's office said the county jail is a frequent stopping place for U.S. Marshals who are transporting prisoners from one Federal prison to another or Federal Court to Federal prison.

The annexation of Fountain Head Heights along with other suburban areas of the city is favored by the city administration.

Mayor Winslow F. Burhans stated that unless steps are taken to annex many of the fast growing suburbs "they will become a millstone around the neck of the city."

Week of Sept. 10, 1981

Officials at Melart Jewelers' Silver Spring headquarters said today they'll close their downtown Hagerstown store, in business in the Hamilton Hotel for 32 years, sometime before the end of the year.

"Basically it's a matter of economics," said Homer Speaker, vice president of the 16-store chain. Speaker, a Williamsport native, began his Melart career when the downtown store opened at 98 W. Washington St. in November 1949.

The Amazing Kreskin, world-famous mentalist who delves into the thoughts of his audience, will be at the Maryland Theatre tonight for one performance.

During one portion the audience will hide his paycheck while he and his attendants are escorted out of the theater. By concentrating on the thoughts of the audience, he will locate his check. If he fails, he'll donate half to his favorite charity and half to the Maryland Theatre. He has failed only nine times in his career.

Robin Harmon doesn't believe her race will hurt her or help her win the Miss America Pageant Saturday evening.

"I don't feel my chances are slim because I am black," she said. If I win it's because I deserved it. If I lose, all it means is someone else won. Look, 47 white girls are going to lose, too, and they won't be blaming their color."

Three-year-old Jennifer, daughter of Linda and Randy Mullet of Club Road, has grown a squash measuring 40 inches - three inches longer than she is tall - which she grew from seeds she planted at her grandmother's home on Marsh Pike. She plans to let it dry, then shellac it and keep it.

- Compiled by Jean Baraclough

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