Supervisors might be forced to design leg of boulevard early

September 12, 2006|by JENNIFER FITCH

WAYNESBORO, Pa. - Plans for 122 single-family houses on Orchard Road could push Washington Township, Pa., to plan a key section of its $14.3 million relief route ahead of schedule and before funding is available, the township planning commission learned at its meeting Monday.

Developer B2M2 of Waynesboro agreed to build a section of Washington Township Boulevard and another road connecting it to the development, but the problem comes from the water needed to serve those houses.

Plans show the development using a future Washington Township Municipal Authority water line that would primarily follow the course of Washington Township Boulevard in that area.

The township municipal authority "would like us to design the roadway from (Pa.) 997 to (Pa.) 316, the complete boulevard, so they know where to put the water line," Township Manager Michael Christopher said.


The section of Washington Township Boulevard from Pa. 997 to Pa. 316 was supposed to be the final phase of a five-step process lasting until 2014.

"They're pushing us beyond our immediate desires to be in that part of the township," Christopher said.

The lion's share of Washington Township Boulevard is being built by developers through impact fees. The impact fees are collected when building permits are obtained for new construction, so the township took out a $2.5 million loan to build the road and a bridge before enough houses are constructed to provide funding.

That money has been set aside for the current work and can't be used for engineering on the section of road between Pa. 997 and Pa. 316, Christopher said. The process should also include obtaining right of way agreements and easements, he said.

"We have no written commitment with the property owners," Code Enforcement Officer Jerry Zeigler told the planning commission. The property owners have verbally agreed to having the road in the area, he said.

The township municipal authority needs the layout of the road to determine elevations associated with the 12-inch water line.

Even without full surveying, township officials might be able to provide the municipal authority with elevations, Christopher said.

"I think a reasonable center line can be established," he said.

The township supervisors will have to determine how to proceed with the issue, Christopher said.

"I don't know how they're going to deal with this," he said.

The development on 39 acres on the hill behind Allegheny Power on Pa. 316 also has an accompanying rezoning request for the houses' access road to Washington Township Boulevard. That road is planned through a commercial zone, and B2M2 has requested it be rezoned to medium-density residential.

Last week, the township purchased half of the rights of way it needs to build Washington Township Boulevard from Gehr Road to Pa. 997, according to Christopher.

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