Letter to the editor

September 11, 2006

Your vote does count

To the editor:

The Retired School Administrators of Washington County conducted three candidate forums in the last two months. In the three forums, the candidates for the Board of Education and the County Commissioners made presentations and answered questions on relevant issues facing the county school system and county government.

We thank the candidates for their participation in the forums and we wish them success in the upcoming primary election on Sept. 12. We also want to thank The Herald-Mail, Antietam Cable Television, the League of Women Voters and other organizations who hosted candidate forums. Through these forums and the in-depth coverage of the candidates by The Herald-Mail, the voters of Washington County have had ample opportunity to acquire valuable information about the candidates' qualifications and beliefs on important issues facing the two boards. However, we encourage all voters to continue to follow the candidate campaigns through the media coverage until the primary election.


The primary purpose of this letter is to urge the voters of Washington County to exercise their right and duty as a citizen and vote in the 2006 primary election. The Retired School Administrators believe there are quality candidates from both political parties seeking election for the School Board and County Commissioner. With the large number of candidates seeking office, we believe the primary election is extremely important. Voters choose candidates in both the primary and general elections.

The Retired School Administrators of Washington County are not endorsing candidates in the 2006 primary election.

However, we will be involved in the election process and will support candidates who we believe can best represent and carry out the goal of our group: To support quality public education in Washington County through the election process. We believe the process starts with qualified and committed School Board members and County Commissioners who acknowledge public education as a top priority.

We invite the voters of Washington County to join us at the polls on Sept. 12 and vote for the candidates of choice.

Gerald Holmes
Steering Committee
The Retired School Administrators of Washington County.

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