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Signals Unlimited

Signals Unlimited

September 10, 2006

Name of business: Signals Unlimited

Owner: Mary Jane Strock

Address: 3738 Wenger Road, Chambersburg, Pa.

Opening date: Jan. 1

Products or services: Our product is an antenna system for receiving the new over-the-air digital, and high-definition television channels, and an antenna upgrade service to facilitate the transition from the current analog to digital TV channels.

Market area: Southern Pennsylvania, Northern Maryland and Virginia, and West Virginia.

How did you get into your business, or what motivated you to start it: "While working as a television broadcast engineer, Jan Strock, Signals Unlimited design and installation specialist, was involved in the transition to DTV for a local broadcast station. This transition was mandated by the FCC, and was imposed on all over-the-air full-power TV stations.


"Realizing the benefits to viewers, such as snow-free and interference-free television with extra content capability, Jan started to test signals from stations in our region, and assembled equipment to receive channels from D.C., Baltimore, Hagerstown, Harrisburg, York, Lancaster and Altoona, Pa."

"... Jan was also motivated by a lack of DTV equipment, to develop a line of antennas that would not spoil the landscape, but would provide an adequate signal for reliable reception."

Employees: Mary Jane Strock, finance and business administration; Jan Strock Sr., broadcast engineer, RF specialist and electronics technician; and Jan Strock Jr., fabrication and graphics artist.

Hours of operation: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.; Saturday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Web site:

Phone: 717-369-2999, 717-372-2201 (cell)

Photo by Kevin G. Gilbert/Staff Photographer

Jan Strock Sr. is broadcast engineer, RF specialist and electronics technician for Signals Unlimited in Chambersburg, Pa. The business offers an antenna system for receiving over-the-air digital television.

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